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My Journey with Endometriosis

My older sister asked me the other night if I am pregnant. Her question made me laugh at first as I knew very well that is impossible to happen at this time. She pointed out my big tummy on the photo I sent her. This suddenly reminded me of my condition and I felt sad and helpless. Early this year I began to feel excruciating pain in my lower abdomen as if I was having cramps every single day. It was like menstrual cramps but experiencing it on a daily basis. It was so painful that I had to bring myself to the ER amidst the COVID scare and curfew to have myself checked. The doctors could not clearly point me to the root cause and I could not book for any specialist either to see me. 3 months into my daily pains, I made a decision to come back to Ontario to see my specialist and then came the diagnosis. Apparently, I have a condition called Endometriosis .  When I heard the news, I first felt relieved it was not as bad as I expected but little did I know then the disruptions it will bri

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