The Reason...

I have always believed that for every painful sharpening we experience in life, there lies God's beautiful reason behind.. It always redounds to our choice on whether we make something good out of it or bring ourselves down to our demise. Well, as for me, I have resolved to use this pain as a refinement towards becoming the best version of myself. And while I am into it, I thought of putting into journals the phases that I go through to shed light to those people sharing my struggle - that they too may come to appreciate the worthy cause behind it, eventually. Come. Join me as I journey through the whole process of love takes Time to heal...

Note: I got the inspiration for this whole blogging thing from Dee who happened to be known for her gift of writing. Guess, pain really does bring out the writer in a person. So she helped me get this thing up and running. While choosing a theme:

Tyne: Final. So ilang choices Dee bago ung final? Hahaha.
Dee: Choosing a template is like choosing John daw kasi. And it's like love... it takes Tyne. Wahahahaha.
Tyne: Wow. Status pls. Hahaha.


  1. Nice first piece! :)
    Indeed, in every man lurks the heart of a poet... or a writer. ;)


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