Walking the Talk on Forgiveness

                I guess this is the most difficult talk to walk not only for me but for most people nowadays. I have always been forgiving all my life as I have always kept in mind that I am a sinner myself and that before I could even actually utter my words of repentance before God, I know He has already forgiven me with all open arms, accepting me back like I had never betrayed him. And thus by this grace, I am free from the bondage of sins, of guilt. And even if I fall repeatedly into the pit of sins, even before I raise my hands up and cry out to Him, my Father in Heaven shall have already reached out for my hands to help me stand up again. This scenario is very much reflective of God’s unconditional love. What have I done good to make Him love me this much? No other Father would abandon His only begotten Son for some other people, more so, unworthy and ruthless sinners like me. I could just imagine how the Heaven cried out in deep grief with Him when He lost His only Son over me. But He did it. All because He loves me. All of me. All that I was, I have been and will become. Despite I am sinner. And so as I struggle to continue walking the talk on Forgiveness I am convicted of the kind of love that God has for me – who am I not to forgive those people who offended me? Thus, I shall keep my prayer that as God who is Most Worthy of all my love, has forgiven and embraced me back, I, too may forgive. Amen.


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