10 Random Thoughts

I am stuck here alone in my room again on a supposedly exciting Saturday night. But I guess I kinda like my solitary confinement better than meeting blank faces partying somewhere. Sitting in front of my pink lappy, I decided to just write down in random any thoughts that cross my mind. And here you go:

1. I am craving for California Makki at this time of the night!!!

2. My greatest fear is dying unprepared. Not having to ask forgiveness from people I had hurt, not having to free myself from resentments, and lastly, not having to let those people I love know how much I do.

3. The best wedding proposal for me is by the man whom I truly love and can see myself growing old with… :) I can’t think of anything better than that as of this moment. :)

4. Dream Wedding – to the same person in the 3rd line of course! Haha! With all the closest and special people who witnessed everything I went through to deserve that very moment.

5. My LSS now is “sasakyan kita” hahaha! That’s gonna be my song for “John”. Haha! (note after reading this again: "what the heck was I thinking then?!" haha!)

6. Greatest vanity – skincare and scent! I don’t mind spending for these.

7. What makes me sad now? No bonus! Haha! (Would have been great to enjoy GSS!)

8. No. 1 Frustration – Not having to celebrate my 18th birthday wearing a pretty and elaborate gown. (that might just be my only chance of wearing one! Haha)

9. Persons I miss most now – my Papa and my lola – Imeng. I wish I could hug them in my dreams.

10. Major Turn-on traits? Someone loving – knows how to take care and love himself (I really appreciate men who are little less vain than I am) he doesn't have to be a hunk, just neat will do; all he needs to do is make 1 heart go throbbing - mine; loves his family; loves God & loves me dearly & faithfully; Wise & Sensible – someone who sees life more than just a daily mundane thing; whom I can tell everything and laughs with me on my corny jokes; and lastly and most importantly someone I love. This last part makes it all hard as spark is something mysterious and undefined. It might even render all in my "turn-on-traits" list useless. 


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