A Letter to my 16-year-old Self

Dear Little Me,

As I write you this letter, I am taken back to a time when you barely know anything important in life yet. I could feel your eagerness with your almost uncorrupted perception of love just as innocent as your age. You have the ardent passion about knowing and experiencing fully what life is about and all that’s into it.  Yet you seemed to be wiser than any 16-year-old person as you have already gone through a number of life-changing experiences in your early childhood years, sadly most of them painful ones. You will pass through more sharp turns and bumps as you head on to where I am now. But each trial you hurdle makes up to the strength of your character. After all in your later years, you will learn to value more the things that you worked hard for. I admire your perseverance to excel in everything you do. I understand it’s the only way you believe you can make your Papa proud and get yourself into a decent university as you want to help your widowed mother. That’s what I like about you the most – your determination to help your family someday. Don’t worry, I can tell you now – all your efforts would someday pay-off. And as you go up the stage each year to get your certificates/medals you have that voice in your heart – wishing your Papa were there to witness those moments. But just while you are smart in your academe you seemed to be so na├»ve yet about matters of the heart. Each day you spend long hours daydreaming about your so-called “prince”. You are blinded by the perfect idea of love. All you think about is having that someone who will fill that void your father’s lost left in your person. I can tell you’re enjoying the attention and admiration of boys your age as you strut around the school campus as if looking for some missing puzzle pieces you think will complete you. O darling, if I can only tell you now and spare you of the pain you’d have to go through in love to fully understand and appreciate it, believe me I would. Yes, you will meet a geek-looking, smart and sweet child trapped in a man’s body whom you will love more than you could love anyone else less than your Mom & Dad. You will build your dreams – your world around him. Your worth will rely on him so much that you will soon lose yourself in loving him. Everything I know about love now you’ll learn for the next 12 years. And just when you think everything will soon fall into place – your dream just shatters into pieces as you are left to mend a broken heart – a broken soul in you all by yourself. But do not worry my dear – you have a loving God and His love made you whole again – as the person that I am now.

If there is one thing you will learn best from that yet another traumatic experience is that (relating to a term used in your future job): “you are not a derivative whose value is derived from an underlying asset. You are that Valuable underlying Asset – You are worth more than what you were to him or to anyone else for that matter. Always believe in God’s love and His Bests.” For now, don’t be scared to love. Because I tell you – it was worth all the lessons and happiness you once felt anyway. Someday, you will also meet someone – who will love you as much as taking care of you for the rest of your life. – this I was told to believe so and still I utter the same prayers you have to these days. :)

Take care always,

Your 28-year-old self :)                                                


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