The Love Letter..

I remember it was one of “those days" of dragging myself to work with my seemingly paralyzed limbs. When I got at the office I saw something at my desk - a letter was rolled up and held in place by a silver charm that had one word spelled out on it “BELIEVE”. For the first time in a few months, my face lit up and my heart leaped. And so I read….


Dear Love,

I know you’re hurting right now and I’m so sorry that I’m not there to put my arms around you and wipe those tears from your eyes. It’s more painful for me to see you in pain than to be in pain myself. And I have no choice. God says you have to go through this.

I will eventually find you though and when I do, I promise that you will never again shed a single tear. I promise to give back everything that you lost since he left you and give so much more. I will take care of you. Just be patient, my love, I will come when you are ready.

In the meantime, know that I am coming and let that be your strength. Also, remember that there are no bad experiences, just blessings in disguise. Someday we’ll both thank Him for this.


P.S. This song is for you. Listen carefully Sweetie.

(John is Juan read as the "One" in Filipino version)


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