..Dear John..

My dearest John,

Your letter must have come from heaven as surely it has breathed hope in me and enliven my faith in love. There is so much I would like to say to you, the first and foremost is that, I can’t wait to finally meet you and behold the gift that I have so long been praying for. I have no doubt that you will be God’s best for me. Your coming into my life will be worth everything I went through. :)

I hope that wherever you maybe in the world right now know that someone is praying for you – your other half is right here in me. I just wonder how God's version of our love story would be. I believe it's going to be beyond my creative imagination. No one else can do it like He does. When that happens, I know that the universe will conspire to never let us be apart from each other again, ever.

I understand that I had to go through some pains so I would be a better partner to the one that’s ultimately for me – and that is you. And I promise I will also try my best to bring out the best in you while loving me. I know you aren’t perfect but you will be in my eyes. We will be best of friends more than lovers and that rest assured I will stand by you for the rest of our lives. I will be your strength as you will be the only light that I need to see when the world turns dark. I pray you will also love me and all of my flaws and blunders, including my proclivity to being the best in everything (I tend to be perfectionist especially when it comes to relationships). And oh, just a warning, I may get too sweet, I hope this won’t drive you crazy. (haha! if you really love me you will accept even this. just enjoy it.) Oh well, I could just imagine us going to mass together every Sunday and I’ll cook lunch for us at home afterwards. It will be a life of adventures together. ;)

Meanwhile, I will take my time to prepare myself so that when we finally meet I’d be the best person that God wills for you and we’ll both thank Him for the gift of each other, as you say. For now, I will keep on praying for you, my John. Please take care of yourself until I could take care of you myself. :)

Lovingly yours,

P.S. I know this will be my song for you. Ooops, just can't wait..  : ) 


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