30 things I wish for….

My 30th birthday is coming up.. and I was thinking of how I have lived my life all these years.. of course, I had my ride of the roller-coaster too, got broken and fixed and what ill-fated event there is out there. But hey, I think I made pretty good deals with life. I was blessed with loads of experiences I’d treasure forever! To name a few: (happy to have done 2 items in my to-do-before-i-die list) My travel tips got featured in a travel magazine by Philippine’s largest flag carrier airline (for 2 consecutive issues); Dared myself to do a cat pose that shocked my family and friends especially my Mama (yikes! more of like a “coming out”); Immersed myself in my 2nd passion (to loving, of course!): Photography – think my (amateur) shots got better now than when I first started. Haha! At least I can say that to myself; Travelled a lot – to capture amazing sights and immortalize moment by writing about them. But perhaps my most important fulfillment is becoming a better person all through these years – more loving of God, people, myself and life..  think people who know me closely can say that at least..

So here’s the thing now - I already spent 29 years of my life – which is like already half of the total average life expectancy for females – and I feel like there are still more that I can get and give to life over my remaining years. I was thinking of what other 30 things I wish to do or experience… and randomly I thought of: (now these may not all be realistic. Haha!)

  1. Stand to testify for God’s love to a thousand
  2. Celebrating a birthday at Mc Donald’s or Jollibee with my little angels.. (both groups.)
  3. Do some extreme sports like mountain climbing  (Mt Apo) or sky diving
  4. My crush singing and/or cooking for me.
  5. Bring my Mama to Pilgrimage in Jerusalem or to Europe and get closer to the Pope
  6. Be one of the participants in the World Youth Day  (Brazil!)
  7. Write an inspirational book (title would be: “No Dramas, Just Meaningful Lessons learned” or “How God writes a Beautiful Love Story”. Haha)
  8. Bake a cake
  9. Re-celebrate my 18th birthday – but this time with my gown and cotillion de honor. (Haha. Now this is more like a dream now!)
  10. Do a mission to Africa, Somalia or other areas where children need help
  11. Be in 2 places at one time
  12. Meet Ellen Degeneres or Oprah Winfrey
  13. Record a Song
  14. Travel to at least 3 more continents (Australia, Europe and Americas) and capture more beautiful sights
  15. Have a star named after me.
  16. Paint a Picture
  17. Get my own Dream House with bathtub and pool and oh! My own walk in closet!
  18. Imprint myself on someone for the rest of his life.
  19. To be wed to my God’s Gift.
  20. Honeymoon off to a Caribbean Cruise.
  21. Give birth to our baby angel.  (of course with a legit father. J)
  22. Make special people I love extremely happy.
  23. To grow my investment portfolio.
  24. Hit my target savings by the age of 35.
  25. Send a scholar to school – paying forward what my generous benefactors had done for me.
  26. Go for a silent retreat.
  27. Travel alone.
  28. Sweet dance with my love.
  29. Sponsor/Host fund-raising activities for my beneficiaries.
  30. Write a beautiful eulogy of myself. Leave an indelible mark on my loved ones.

So yes, I guess I have most likely enumerated all of my life’s wishes here. Think you have just known one-fourth of myself here. I will revisit this from time to time to check which ones I have realized. Haha. Good luck to me on that! 


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