Orpus day.. Chatty Chatty...

So I woke up rather late this morning .. the usual routine, took breakfast with my babies.. bring them to school.. came back and prepare to go out with my sis. Then I suddenly wanted to break my abstinence from whatsapp so I opened it after a week of silence and got glued to it for a while then Pops and I had a catch up on the latest happenings in Singapura or her life, that is. Haha. Just gave me goose bumps when I just read her sms saying she wishes to have an out-of-town escapade and guess what? I had the same thought while I was taking a shower. So this made me call her on roaming charges. Haha! Mahal ka tlaga pops!

So yeah, then I and my sister went again to our shopping spree to Orpus, where everything is at the lowest prices – name all kinds and brands I guess you can find it there. While on the bus, my ate was still blaming me for the missed supposed-to-be meet-cute yesterday with this guy. (the one I blogged about the other day) She said she saw him trying to make his way to get near me and so she thought of intentionally going ahead so he will have his time. But yeah, being the insensitive me, I put on a loud music with my earphones on. So now, she just could not stop blaming me for the chance that I (he) just missed. This made me resolved to not use earphones next time while I am out here. Somewhere. Just annoys me with those “what-ifs” and they’re killing me. Boo to me bigtime!

Moving on, first stop - we went to an all-shoes shop – and yeah, I’m so predictable again, I ended up buying a10-dollar pair of cute flats, 2nd pair of shoes bought in a row. Then we spent like 1 hour looking for a dress I was thinking of wearing at either the Thanksgiving or the Gangnam Party. There was this kind lady there fitting her white long gown and she was like asking for my opinion and blahblah and am glad she’s happy to buy my choice for 320 dollars (no way! That’s like 12,000 php for me!) So there I was looking around for the perfect dress fit for my budget. I love putting on dresses that show my curves. (now those dresses are hard to find or too hard for those dresses to find in me. Haha!) And was really touched when this same lady actually helped look around for the best fitting dress for me. There’s this black dress I wore with the peacock feather on which looked so nice on me priced at 60 bucks but my sister opted for me to get the other one on sale at half the price of the first one. Well still, that’s way cheaper than in Singapore where nice dresses I could find would cost usually 80 bucks. So off I got my black dress. Hope I’d still fit in it after a week.

We went to a Korean resto for lunch and while feasting on my salmon teriyaki (favorite food ever!) an old lady approached us asking about how the food tastes and what we can recommend for her to have. But while she was just nicely chatting with us the resto waitress came over and shooed her away asking her to get a table instead of asking us, the customers. So this poor oldie told the waitress that "no, I was just asking them and they are kind people courteous enough to answer my questions while you are not. and you are driving me away." then she smiled at us and walked away. Now that's kinda off for the resto staff to do really. Just made me think how insensitive people can get here. hhmmm..  

Then we went to look for my sister’s tops. Would you believe oxygen and other brands like new look are just 3 to 5 bucks in these outlets? Jaw-dropping prices really! And for shopping-addicts like me the place is like heaven. But no! Just gotta buy what I need. I had bought some presents for my family and friends. Guess it’s the Christmas spirit that’s taking over me these past few days. (O c’mon blame it to the Christmas Spirit! Duh. Haha!)  

So while we were on our way to the bus stop, thought of going back to the last store coz I wanted to buy my sister a nice blouse and surprised her. She waited just outside looking tired. But I told her as we head on that I actually got her a blouse I love to see her wear. And she just smiled at me. See, it’s that kind of moments I’m so loving – simple surprises. Priceless reactions.

Then on the bus on the way home, there were these 2 ladies – one in her 40’s another in her 60’s, I supposed, sitting beside me. And the younger one casually asked when she saw me pulled out my phone, “excuse me, is that Iphone 5 or 4?” I said, “it’s 4.” And she goes on saying that all she ever wanted is a functional phone – able to send and receive messages and make calls. That’s it. This made me think of what if, there isn’t any phones or internet connections. People would be more appreciative of someone’s efforts of reaching out and going out of his way to get the message across. Now that’s cute. Think I should cut down all my communication media (whatsapp, FB, Twitter and Viber, Line, etc.) to see who will really go out his way to reach me, after all if that person really needs to talk to me, he will at all cost. Sweetness!

At the 2nd bus stop, there’s this black lady sitting beside my sister. After sometime of taking over the phone, she exclaimed, “why do people think money just becomes available in December like you can just get it anywhere?!” and I and my sister just laughed at her sentiments. So we began having this conversation of comparing the cost of living here and in Singapore which made me realize she sounded like it’s really harder to make a living here than in Singapore. Felt grateful for the job that pays me and afforded me the kind of life I have at the moment. Then she asked my sister, “is she your daughter?” pertaining to me. And I was like “Haha! No! I’m her youngest sister!” Then I just gave that teasing smile at my ate. Now that made my day! At least I look younger than my age. Say what?! Ok change topic.

Still on the bus, my ate gave me this look. We were still talking about that guy at the subway. And she goes by saying, “if you are meant to meet again, you will. Wherever it may be, whenever.” And that made me go like “waah! That’s serendipity if that happens!” Hi Universe! Do you hear that? (Smiley)

And now I’m gonna cap my night with a wish. And a smile. J It happened before. It can happen again. J Think I’m gonna like to stay here forever. Haha. 


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