cried myself to sleep.. chatting with my niece.. when i was alone again in my room, i know it's gonna be only me again.. flu and homesickness do not make a perfect combination at all..  woke up to a soar throat and fever, then saw blood on the tissue.. had to lie down again until the bleeding stops.. called my boss and sup - but i could not take MC coz 3 teammates were out. with fever and cough I summoned myself to the doctor and went to work. 

went home at 9.. tired and sick still..

but i guess homesickness is worse.. called my Mama and cried.. I am tired of being alone here.. :(

my niece told me she wished the world had not been separated so that we are never apart from our loved ones.. cried.. if there's one thing i wish right now more than anything in the world, that's to be with everyone i love on my birthday.. for even just one day.. all of them together.. 

I just wanna be home. i just wanna be home...


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