with a Grateful heart...

as i look through the window by the plane..
i cant help but thank God for the overwhelming experience. 

Almighty and Amazing Father, 

I could not think of any word to best describe my whole journey here  in Canada from the loving and wonderful people, breath-taking sceneries to once-in-a-lifetime experiences - all I duly attribute to Your amazing planning and execution. For each day spent here, You made sure that I experience You embracing me tight. True enough, You have fulfilled Your promise that I claimed - that this is going to be a blessed journey with You. 

Lord, as I leave my family here with a heavy heart, I ask of Your Divine Providence to bless them with good health and means to make a decent living. I pray for strength and faith for my sister and brother-in-law that everything will be taken cared of by Your generous hands. I lift up to you too my nieces that You will bless them always and that they may grow up to be loving, respectful and obedient children to their parents. I claim Lord as You have always been a generous provider to me and my family that You will continue to take care of their needs and cares. I entrust Tasic family unto Your hands.  I also lift to Your cares my future plans knowing that You know best. 

Lord, with a grateful and overwhelmed heart, I give you back all the Glory, Honor and Praise You alone deserve! Thank You for walking with me always and never failing to amaze me with Your awesomeness! I love You Lord! Hugsy Papa God! You are truly amazing! 


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