My Year of Self-redemption: Blessed in 2012

As I put up this blogsite back in 2011, I shared the purpose of doing so with a dear friend, Deedee who helped me out start this whole thing: “I write to live twice: in the present and in retrospection.” True enough, I don’t wanna let 2012 pass without putting down into writing all the highlights of my journey this year.

I would like to believe that 2012 has afforded me a number of learning experiences and breath-taking moments – my faith moments I would call - Wonderful People and Amazing Places. In each month, I had listed below my recollection:

January –       My first time taking Pre-nup photos for a friend. It was more of a challenge at first because I am more confident in doing Landscape and taking photos of sceneries instead but I am glad I was made part of her wedding even without my physical presence.

February -      ICON – the biggest worship gathering I have joined in so far with 7000+ young men and women from all over the world and all walks of life coming together as one to proclaim the Greatness of our God. Take note, Singapore delegation being the most number of participants. I also had a fun time bonding with newfound SFC friends and was able to take home some wonderful insights about life and faith especially the sidetrip with the Dandans and Sigrid. And this was also memorable for me because I had come to know closer my dearest friend/sister – “Pops” Mel who has been my confidante and prayer partner since then. Thank You Lord for the experience and forever changing my life thru this event.

March -           New Place – 13-33 – our agent said 3 means life in Chinese. We’re happy we found ourselves a homey place to stay. Our move was just timely for my first visitors in our new home. Since my earlier plan of visiting my sister and her family in Canada had to be deferred I opted to have Mama come over here with my cousin and a friend for her birthday celebration. As always, I feel blessed for all the times I spent with my Mama Taba. It was made all the more fun with my niece Dahrain whom I had only the chance to get bonded with then and ate Divine with her patawa.

April -             Joni’s visit. She was a friend back in Highschool. Well back then we were made rivals by schoolmates but I’m just happy now that we have outgrown all those teeny unnecessary rivalries. Glad I have come to know her more closely and found a fashion consultant in her. This month also marks my first Visita Iglesia experience here in Singapore. I had my wish. And I’m claiming it in 2013!

May-               The Covenant Orientation – a weekend of rediscovering my purpose and commitments to being a Christian and a member of SFC. I also had visitors coming in this month, whom I felt blessed of knowing. But as they say, let go of the old to give way for the new. Fair enough. At least it was a wonderful last memory shared with them. J

June-               The Ipis experience. At the start of the year I told myself to do something I will do for the first time. And I did. I along with SFC brothers and sister cleaned a house, which proved to be a challenging one – which meant having to dance chacha and tango with a thousand of cockroaches along with big piles of rubbishes filling up the entire house. A first of its kind I saw. It was indeed an experience of Christian love for me. Happy to be a part of it. 2nd highlight would be the DnD CFC SG 25th Anniversary. It was a night of fun, dancing and chitchats. It made me feel blessed to be a part of CFC SFC Singapore.

July-                I remember this month to be the hardest month ever this Year. I had experienced all sorts of challenges and oppressions. It was the transition period for me taking on a new role as the team lead. With it came a number of struggles work-related and personal stuffs. Also, it was during this time when I was called to share with my Mama listening to my life story. It was indeed a blessed moment for me to do it for Him. I am happy I got my Mama praying and staying strong for me always. She’s one of the strongest women I honor in this lifetime.

August-           The Brave Ones – It was during this month that I had a chance to know Carrie who to me is a perfect epitome of chastity and grace. Funny how we first met during one of the sessions in the CDM CLP where I served as one of the kids ay este watchers for the kids. Since then she’s been one of my prayer partners and angels. Ge, Apaule, Velmy and Nay Bell were also additions to my blessings for this month #MORT. I am happy to be with them always – laugh trip. Superb! I consider them as big blessings in 2012. 

September-    One of the busiest months this year. First is the preparation for the “Blessed” National Conference. Glad to be a part of the video production team where I got the chance to know talented and dedicated brothers and sisters. This was also a time when I received a number of Prayer cards from dear friends who have been my prayer partners. It is really a blessing journeying in faith with these angels. 2nd is Pop’s Birthday surprise – such an experience of Christian love again when all of her friends gathered to show her our love and appreciation. I also had one unforgettable experience this month – a test which led me to self-rediscovery and affirmation. It was during this time when I had re-learned what true friendship means.

October-         Paintball the second time around with my teammates. I also had the chance to experience Regatta de Zamboanga and Fiesta Pilar again after a long time. Our baby angel Emmanuel Ricardo came out to say hello to me just before I came back here in Singapore. I had a number of happy bonding moments with my brother riding on his motorcycle and my cousin Ayee accompanying me to do all my check ups. I’m always grateful for the time I spend ast home. It’s a place where I seldom go to but I carry with me in my heart at all times.

November-     My Epic adventure. November is an experience of faith - it was a prayer I had uttered since the start of the year, which really was made possible by my God. Each day of it just made me turn to Him and offer my thanksgiving. Reunion with my family, Amazing Sights to behold, New Faces, Long-term investment, Unforgettable experiences all made up to my Blessed November - my BEST month of the year 2012.

December-     A Year older. 30 is just a number. Indeed, God capped my year with another set of blessings. 3 answered prayers in a row: my brother got a job after almost 2 years of praying for it; a positive sign for a plan in 2013 and my official designation. What a Generous God I have indeed!

I thank God for all the people He sent to me to be messengers of His love – my family who has always been loving and supportive of me in every decision and leap I take; my dear friends who have been my source of inspirations, breath of fresh air and pats on my shoulders; and for all the learning and enriching experiences He allowed me to go through so I can grow more mature and be the person that He wills me to be.

Each year I would tag an adjective with it and so I said: 2011 has been my Year of Resilience; 2012 was my Year of Self-redemption and I am claiming that 2013 will be a life-changing Year for me – I will experience more of God’s Bests for me this year!  Welcome 2013 – let’s do this again together Lord!!!

Here's the snapshots of my 2012 highlights:



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