A Mother's Day Tribute to the World's Greatest Mom - Emy

Republishing my article for my dear Mama written 7 years ago. 

I remember an article back in college (AdZU RS 101 – the BEST!Ü) where it says that in one feature of the National Geographic Channel there was a forest that was engulfed by a wild fire somewhere in the USA. The once haven-like habitat turned into a place of inferno. 

The following day, the authorities visited the place and were all saddened by the massive devastation brought by the razing fire as if no life of any form could ever survive. While rummaging around, teeny sounds were heard. The sounds led them to a dead bird. Underneath its burnt body were its hatchlings crying and seemingly grieving for their lifeless and unresponsive mother. 

What a poignant scene, isn’t it? Imagine, the mother-bird has sacrificed herself and shielded all her children not minding her impending death. This scenario doesn’t come as a surprise to me anymore or to anyone else, for that matter. This is the very instinct I have come to witness with my beloved “Ishpamp”, my mama. 

You see, we are four siblings in the family and since our father’s death some 22 years ago, she stood as the father-mother-in-one to all four of us! She never remarried. (Imagine how many lonely, cold nights she’s had! Oohh.. That’s quite a sacrifice, really, huh? Tsk..tsk..Ü) But my mother didn’t really quite feel the loss of a bed-mate (?) since I have been sleeping beside her for the first 21 years of my life. (Thanks to me?Ü) 

My father was an official in the PC (PNP now) during his time. He and my mother had often been active in social gatherings with equally socialite officials along with their wives as well. They would party until the wee hours of the morning. I remember how mama would look like every time they’d go out then. She’d be the most beautiful wife among all the rest of the gentlemen’s wives. But her elegance and sophistication faded after my father’s death. 

The once socialite “wife” has now been abased to just a plain housewife left with four little orphans to care for. If before, she comes to a party all dressed up with fine clothes and jewels, now she goes to social functions bringing along with her tocinos and raisins to be sold to her once party-mates. (I can’t imagine now how much she earned from those thingamajigs.) I was barely four-years-old then. But mind you, at my early age, I have been already a witness to many of her “worst” humiliations/sufferings. (Redundancy emphasized.) I have been “there” with her. 

Despite her solo parenting, she was able to raise four fine children. (fine, as in ok fine!) But all her hard works and sacrifices took their toll on her health when she was hospitalized for heart ailment. That was the first time, I saw her at her weakest. She was almost at the brink of giving up. All the time, I thought she's firm and without infirmities. It was only then I realized that my mama is not some superbeing or so. Yet, she fought relentlessly. I have seen her wept, painstakingly bearing all the burdens and persisted in her FAITH. 

Amidst all our despairs and ordeals, she stood firm with her FAITH. Looking back, I feel honored to have witnessed all the different seasons (sunny, catastrophic typhoons, winter, etc.) of my mama’s motherhood. (Fatherhood as well.Ü) More importantly, I realized that the fine clothes and jewels didn’t bring much beauty out of her. Instead, she’s now even more beautiful than ever. 

After all the hardships and struggles she’s been through, she emerged to be a more adorable and lovable mother to us, her children. And no matter what, mothers won’t run out of aficionados because they will always look beautiful in the eyes of their children. You are God’s greatest gifts to the world. Yours are the hands that molded a lawyer, a nurse, a doctor, an engineer, a banker, name everyone. The world has become a beautiful place to live in because of the love you give out to your children. Mothers are the wind beneath our wings. We soar because you love us. We are what we are because of your love and care. Thanks to you, my supermom! You are the best! And I will never stop thanking God for the GIFT of YOU, EMELINE COLLADO. (Super emphasized!)


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