God's Love at the MMC

Ok, this is a very late post and thanks to my BFF in Singapore for the reminder.

I decided to join the group to Metro Manila Conference (MMC) in July at the very last minute. Little did I know that God intended for me to really be a part of it for His Greater Reason besides my own which is to just be with my closest friends. On the day of the workshop, I had a vision in the morning about a familiar place. Later on that day, I, Mel, Carrie and Daryl - my groupmates found ourselves clueless looking for the venue of the workshop. On the car, Carrie and Mel advised me to learn to be more assertive and confident. We even talked about Daryl (haha) while he was gone looking for the venue of the workshop. Well, it turned out that there wasn't any venue at all! We had to find our own venue for Love. So we decided to look around at the nearest multi-purpose center and saw a number of participants there already. While they, Carrie, Mel and Daryl were discussing on where to go, I just found myself talking to the police officer in charge at a precinct nearby. It was the vision I had earlier that morning. The officer didn't want to entertain me at first because he said we needed to secure the permission of the chief of police to be able to visit the prisoners. Then my groupmates found me after some time of looking for me. We decided to interview a police woman in charge of the women/children's desk instead. I was a bit hesitant to go in. Daryl, Carrie and Mel did most of the interview. I was listening carefully. I just asked one question then, "Ma'am, what keeps you going all along?" Without a pause, she readily answered, "my children - they are my source of strength and inspiration". You see Ma'am Lolita has been a devoted police woman for more than a decade now. Besides that, she is also a loving wife, a dedicated mother, a caring friend - wearing all different hats at the same time. I salute you Ma'am for your bravery and unrelenting dedication to your profession. Listening at her life story made me realize the many avenues for sharing Love and that Love is where your heart is - it could be found in the family who really matters to you, it could be in the job that you so love doing, it could be all over the place, actually. And more importantly, she opened me up again to embracing the good sides of policemen. After the interview, I hugged Ma'am Lolit tight to thank her. And that moment was just so liberating. I did not know why I would cry that hard still after all 27 long years had gone by. Later on that day, we were allowed to visit the prisoners and say "hello" to them. Then I exclaimed, "namiss ko to!" Haha. I could see myself in the prisoners - all eager and excited to see visitors. That experience was personally special to me as it led me to my own healing. Come to think of it, we were just all so amazed how things fit together and fell at the right place and time - my vision of the prison in the morning; the hassle going to the venue; the discussion on the way; the car stopping in front of the precinct; the police woman in charge at the women's and children's desk (this one really is timely!); the pen that we brought from Singapore which happened to be Ma'am Lolit's collection; and the visit to the prison cell - all these were God's invitation to me to letting go fully of my past. Again, I was reminded of His Steadfast Love for me. And I was really in awe of how His Personal Loving ways unfolded to us that day. 

Until now looking back I still feel amazed at the whole MMC experience. I could say that the take-homes from the MMC are lasting and life-changing for me. Everyone and everything in that weekend event was purposely placed there to leave a mark in my heart. Not to forget the special moments I had with 3 of my most treasured friends - Mel, Bell and Car - i love em so much!

Indeed, as my favorite song goes "ALMIGHTY KING I PRAISE YOUR NAME, GREATEST GOD YOU ARE MY HEALER AND I WILL NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN!" and with these Lord, I praise You and I thank You!


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