@LoVet PhUkEt@

like us, inseparable. Yak! haha

I can still clearly remember how we came up with this whole #LovetPhuket adventure idea. I was in Toronto in November and I was in the shower when suddenly, a bulb lighted in my head – it just came across my mind that I haven’t had the chance to go out of Singapore with my BFF (in Singapore) – Melizzah Mildred Alcayaga. So there I immediately picked up the phone and called her and voila! Just happened that she just thought about that same thing at that very moment!!! Well, no wonder we’re bestfriends – we think and feel alike. Char!

Exactly a year later, here we go with our plan. Come to think of it – what a coincidence it was even for the travel date that we didn’t intend. Oh well, we got a couple other coincidences along the way.

Few weeks before our travel, we decided to start with our prayer time at 11 pm daily for a safe travel. 

5 days before, Mel panicked at the thought that her passport wasn’t in good condition and feared that she may be denied entry in Singapore – Phuket vice versa. Earlier on, I had my passport renewed on the rush for this trip too. On the day of the trip, I realized that I wasn’t able to have my new passport linked with my workpass and yeah – name all other stress points you can think of – we got them! Not to mention the little budget that we got to stretch across the 3 days and 2 nights.


At long last – Day 1 – we arrived in Phuket International Airport around 4 pm ish their time.  We had to travel for an hour to get to our hotel in Patong (Baan Yuree Resort & Spa). We reached the hotel delighted to see that we got a nice big room with balcony and a bathtub! (I was especially delighted on the latter one! #favoriteplaceintheworld! wohoo!)

That night, we dolled up and put on our red lippy as planned and went looking for the nicest place to dine. Every place seemed packed but we’re lucky to have made the right choice of tasting authentic Thai food at Number 6 restaurant. Tom Yam, Pad Thai, Fried Prawn and the best Mango Juice evah! After dinner we walked along the Bangla stretch. Boy o Boy! (I duno if it’s a boy or a girl there! Haha!) Seemed to be a busy street especially at night. But yeah, we would have been braver to look around if we were with boy friends.

Dinner on Sunday night @ the Place

Day 2 – Island Hopping – Fun. Fun! This perhaps was the highlight of our trip. We had our breaky at the hotel then off we went to our adventure. At the boat, we particularly chose the middle seat. Haha! Just nice for two girls. We went to Mosquito Island, Bamboo Island, but  I enjoyed the most in last 2 stops we had: the Phi Phi Don where I had the chance to jump onto the crystal clear blue-green water without a life vest – such a wonderful first for me! Turned out that I just needed a push there. Haha! So loved it. Then our last destination was the Maya Bay featured in “the Beach” movie – oh so lovely! One of the beautiful beaches I have gone to so far. I also like the bare-it-all Q&A that happened there. Haha! Waahh! #lamna ang topics. #ssshhh. 

All throughout our tour, we felt that we enjoyed every single moment. The guides called us “Ms. Philippines” because we are 2, hence in plural. Joke! No, perhaps due to the then concluded Ms. Universe Pageant wherein Philippines landed as 4th runner up. Haha! #damingsegway. 

But yeah, what was striking for me during the 3-day get-away was when I realized that this trip was intended more for me, just because I was going away. It was pretty obvious later on when it seemed that I was the only one enjoying snorkeling in the water and even swimming in the pool of 3-feet depth. You see, Melizzah doesn’t know how to swim. She almost wouldn’t talk to me when I had forced her to jump onto the water with her life vest on but in all fairness to her – she tried floating for like 5 minutes and that’s about it. She ended up almost crying, fearful. I never saw her that scared before. And I like to honor Mel for sending me off with these wonderful memories that I will forever cherish. I will miss our random Q&A in the pool; the gulatan at the bed with mini horror experience. Haha; the selfie shots; the foodie; the S&tC marathon; the opening and closing prayers; the little surprises that delighted us; the tight budgeting; the Lovers and the BFF Chatroom; the tomorrow night/Monday night LSS; the walang katapusang hanapan ng rayban aviator that ended with wala naman. Haha! Puro sukatan lang; the relaxing foot massage to match the free upper body massage; the cool playlist while on the boat; the no-budget-for-last-dinner at the airport; the stress sa travel documents; and these are just about Phuket, more importantly, I will miss the person I was with in this trip! Waah. Don’t cry BFF!

Thank you Pops for joining me in my last Hurrah sa tag-init! Love yah! I will surely miss the heat of Mr. Sun!

Thank You Lord for the wonderful and unforgettable experience. You are our best planner!


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