The Miracles in the midst of the Storms

Last Monday morning, i woke up crying with a heavy heart. I couldn't describe the grief that enveloped me at that time. It felt like that in the Zamboanga siege. Then before I could even utter a word, I heard Him say, "because I am God." I may not fully grasp what the phrase means but I can somehow feel what He wanted me to understand. Then it dawned on me that He is a Father too, mourning for the lost of His children. If we ask where could He be when the disaster happened, during the time when families were separated by the raging water, at the moment when people desperately cried for help I was reminded of the Passion and Death of Christ. What more grief could He have felt during the time when His only begotten Son even pleaded for His own life. He could have spared His life but as He said it had to happen. I could never question Him for the reasons why we had to bear the losses and grief from trial after trial but I firmly believe that He got His purpose, He is God.

During these times of what seem to be like hanging on the last strand of faith for most people especially those who lost their homes, their loved ones, almost everything but their own lives, God is carrying them through. I had read news that brought me to tears but at the end of it all, I would always find myself praying. Crying in prayers. I may and could help in action but same thing, if the help that we send couldn't get through the hands of those who need it the most, all efforts may be futile. It is only during these times, that for the first time, I witness the world unite as one to pray and act on helping the Philippines. Donations flooded from across the globe from generous people even amounting to billions already which they say is more than enough to rebuild the badly hit areas. Some nations even send their own volunteers to personally assist in the areas. There is just massive and extensive charity going on around the world - altogether to help rebuild the lives of our brethrens - to help bring hope to the hopeless. Now the world can witness the miracles happening in the hearts of everyone - we see compassion and generosity, we hear and see faith being strenghtened, we see Christ working in us. There may be unrest but I can witness goodwill prevailing.

Perhaps this is one of the purposes - that we may all experience and see miracles unfolding before our very eyes. The survivors would have felt more grateful for their second life and their families would have prayed more fervently for them. The entire nation and the rest of the world would have prayed all the more because of what happened. Surely and definitely, I believe that in faith, we will all see the light in all these storms.

Coming from someone who has undergone the heart-breaking experience of war, I can feel the pain and agony of waiting to hear from a loved one. I know how it feels when prayer is the only thing I can hold onto. I may be lucky that the lives of my loved ones were spared but I am ever more grateful now because of what happened. I behold all the more now each waking moment that I get to hear my mom's voice, my sister's demanding calls - I am now more appreciative of the things I may have just taken forgranted before.

Now I fervently pray, knocking at the Heaven's door, lifting up the prayers and needs of our brethrens, for God to embrace them with His healing grace. And I know and believe that He is hugging them tight at this very moment.


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