My Beautiful and Life-changing 2013

Before arriving here in my hometown for the holiday, I was praying for a meaningful and worthwhile experience with my family. So I guess today just before the new year takes over, I got this answered.

It's about 10 years ago when I and my mom had to spend our new year's eve at the hospital due to her confinement over her heart condition that time. tonight, here we are again at the hospital due to her suffering a head injury from her accidental fall earlier this morning. We were all worried about her sugar and blood pressure stats but thankfully the doctor said she's now stabilizing. Surprisingly, I wasnt sad at all because to me as long as I am with her, NYE is complete wherever we may spend it.

So along with this, I would also like to take time to look back to my 365 grace-filled moments in 2013:

JANUARY - I along with Rodel, Monet, Heidee, Marie Ann, Ate Wilma, Anne and Mark welcomed 2013 with hundreds of party-goers to the Sentosa Year-end party. It's a first for me and yeah twas a good one especially when I was with a bunch of happy people. 

FEBRUARY - Every year I look forward to start with an epic ICON experience. And true indeed, this year is another memorable one with my girls who added more fun to it. It was also a first for me to be part of the cast in a mini movie prepared by Singapore delegation.

This was also the month when 2 closest people in my heart left Singapore to start their lives anew in Halifax. Then Prince Kean happened.
MARCH - my second experience of visiting 9 churches in Singapore for the Holy Week "Bisita Iglesia". This time it's toward north.

APRIL - had 3 of my firsts this month. One of the highlights for 2013.

1 - To see and experience Seoul, Korea - really beautiful. I would really love to go back there in the near future. Love everything about the trip - not to forget the shopping for skin care and the awesome food trip!  

2 - To travel alone. I arrived in Korea ahead of the rest of the CLOWNS Mission team. So I opted to see and go to places all by myself. I visited palaces and took the complex MRT system but surprisingly I didn't get lost. Love the fun of traveling alone! I am really proud of myself!

3 - To experience Mission for the first time. This perhaps is the highlight of this trip grateful that I was still given the chance to serve along with the inspiring and high-spirited MV. And oh, not to forget I got my 4th first - first time to experience sleeping overnight in a motel with my Couples for Christ family. Take note the taxi fetched us from the motel to send us to church the following day. Imagine the confusion in the cab driver's face. Haha!

MAY - Probably one of my favorite months as I got Mama to visit me in Singapore. Since her VISA to Korea wasn’t approved then, I promised to take her to another country. So off we went to explore and experience Hanoi, Vietnam instead. One of the nicest hosts probably in the world! We enjoyed Ha Long Bay and the food tasting - including the crazy companions we had at the cruise and the shopping for cheap buys. My Mama surely enjoyed this trip as much as I did! 

On the other hand, I also had my first marathon experience with Mel and Bell - the Nike Unleashed joined in by 8,000 other women. I was empowered!

JUNE - We had Carr's farewell get-away #batambay. Really enjoyed the time with my FZ girls - there never was a dull moment! Unforgettable was the kagulo massage at Sawadika and the walang tigil na chikahan with lamon sa bus.

This also marked the start of the Yes I had given Him - the Yes to being the assistant DGL to 4 lovely sisters, Yani, Anne, Mikko and Mina with mother Janice. Truly blessed to have been called for this role.

Lastly, who could forget the worst haze we experienced in the last 5 years. Scary really. Thankfully, it didn’t last more than 2 weeks.

The Princess Diary experience - a reminder of my worth as God's princess that I am a mystery to be unveiled, a relationship to be pursued and a gift to be prayed for by God's chosen knight.

JULY - The epic and unforgettable MMC! The joyride with my FZ girls, the more intimate experiences including the workshop "Where is the Love" - such a blessing for me to have had experienced it with Mel, Carr and Daryl.

AUGUST - The Christian Character Weekend - a reminder on how to be a good disciple of a Christ.

The E-heads concert with Mel and Dolf. Fun. Fun.

The Project Happy Feet Slipper Race with my girls Maya and Tine - enjoyed the food and kwentuhan right after.

SEPTEMBER - The overall victory for eastars - glad to be a part of the booster team!

The Zamboanga seige which lasted for almost 3 weeks. It was the hardest blow this year for me and perhaps for my fellow Zamboangueno friends in Singapore as we had become the prayer warriors for our families in Zamboanga. I experienced the miracles of communal prayer with the intercession of my SFC family.

OCTOBER - Going home to Zamboanga to hug my family after the war. It was really the shortest trip I had - 1 and a half days at home is worth every penny.

The NATCON experience - first to co-lead the publicity team. Praise God for the success of the conference - it truly is a working of a loving God. 

The Cebu-Bohol earthquake - after the war in Zamboanga - we joined our kababayans in prayer for the aftermath the magnitude 8 earthquake left - with sadly almost all of the historic churches of Bohol brought down and even the chocolate hills got destroyed too.

This was also the time when I had one of my fervent prayers answered – I got the job. Praying now that everything will ensue.

NOVEMBER – One of my happy months. I had an awesome and fun time coming back to one of the world’s renowned Islands for its beautiful beaches. Plus I had it with my bff Melizzah who added much fun and memory to our beach adventure. 1 of my item in the bucket list crossed out – to travel with my bff on an island.  

Second happy happening is the wedding of my 2 dear friends: Erick and Gela and I am happy to be a part of their love story. Aside from them, I was with more happy people to include my sweetie roomies Beck and Vish who made my short stay in Manila really a nice experience and catch up with nay Apaule and dear Sigrid!

DECEMBER – my LOVE month.

The month started with the arrival of my Mama, Lel and Don, my cousin. For the first time in the last 5 years, I got my Mama to celebrate and cook for my birthday. I was delighted to have them with me and help me pack my things up.

My Birthday – perhaps the most number of pic collage greetings I received in years! And thanks to Melizzah! I had a number of cakes too from my sweet friends.

The many farewell dedications – with the thought that I will be leaving Singapore soon – a number of my closest friends and SFC family offered me their prayers and well-wishes. I pray that it will just be a matter of time when I can already start my life there. Not to forget that I got my entire team to watch "Frozen" movie with me. Imagine few of them don't even watch cartoons. Haha!

The coming home for the holidays – I went home for 2 reasons – to be at my sister Cat’s church wedding and to spend my Christmas and New Year with my family before I leave for Toronto. I am truly grateful for every moment as we were complete here as a family once again. 

I also had the chance to spend my time with my kids to Jollibee. It's always been heart-warming to see their smiles and genuine appreciation. 

The passing year indeed brought me hundreds of miracles and blessings. It added Wisdom, Joy and Gratefulness in my heart.

And with this gratefulness in my heart, I am now ready to embrace what God has prepared for me in 2014.

With all these Lord, I praise You and I thank You! :)


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