My Biggest Wanderlusts

My recent trips have made me realize that we have a BIG World to experience and explore - so I might as well do it one place at a time. That passion for discovery of new things, cultures and experiences as well as rediscovering myself in travels was again ignited.

And because I have a Generous God who can do wonders, I claim and look forward to set foot on more beautiful and breathtaking places around the globe. I love to marvel at the closest places to Heaven here on Earth. Here are the checklist I have to date:

☑️ Biking in Miami beach with love (whoever he may be)
☑️ Watch live theatre performance in Las Vegas
☑️ Swimming in Santorini, Greece
☑️ Gondola ride in Venice
☑️ Sky diving in Dubai
☑️ Snorkeling in Maldives
☑️ High Fashion shot in NY
☑️ Gazing at Northern Lights (wherever this may be)
☑️ Kiss shot (haha!) with the Eiffel tower in the background
☑️ Swimming with the butanding sharks in Donsol, Phil
☑️ Diving in Tubataha Reef, Phil
☑️ Pilgrimage in Jerusalem and Vatican with Mama
☑️ Mission in South Africa
☑️ Honeymoon in a Caribbean cruise

And yes, I will cross out each one of these items soon. Amen.💙


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