The Royal Reunion in Nova Scotia (Trip to the East)

Since the time my best friend left Singapore for Halifax, we were already dreaming of that day when we will see each other again..

So when I had the chance, I readily booked a ticket to visit them in Halifax. Besides, I love to see my god-son. Yes, I love babies!!!

So come July 12, I had my 1 check-in bag readied. Surprisingly, flying domestic is easy-breezy. It was a 2-hour flight from Toronto. I waited eagerly for Rodel and Monet at the waiting area. I was leafing through the visitor's guide the lady gave me. Got me excited to experience what surprises await me there. 

"Tyne!" so that's Rodel calling. Oh my, when we saw each other we were like teary-eyed. I could feel the it's-been-a-long-time hugs! Just so happy to see them! And yes, the catch-up talks were like endless. Took us 1 hour to get to their home. You could imagine what topics we had talked about then. 

And when we finally reached the royal family's palace at Quinpool, there awaited me this cutie little prince. We call ourselves the Royalty back in Singapore, Rodel is the King, Monet is the Queen and I am the Princess. So now with our little Prince Kean, I call this trip as the Royal Reunion.

Kean Nicolai is just so adorable. When he saw me, he readily went to me and I cuddled him like I couldn't get enough of him. Such a charming and sweet baby. 

That afternoon I had the chance to meet with Rodel's team, well some of my counterparts in Halifax. And funny thing is, someone called me by my client's name. Oh well. haha! I met new friends too like Trisha and Sam who were so nice and accommodating. Really felt welcomed - more like an invitation to transfer to Halifax, huh? haha.

The rest of the week was more epic. I had a great time seeing what Nova Scotia had to offer. There are stories to each scenic spot we visited. So luckily I wandered in 3 different provinces in Nova Scotia - Halifax, Prince Edward and Lunenburg - each has a beauty of its own.

My personal favorite was the Peggy's Cove - as I googled, it was the last tower Titanic was in contact with before it faced its demise in April of 1912. 

Thanks to Jenny and Roger for driving us there

I also love the harbor side of Halifax. A peaceful place to gather my thoughts. Chill. Wonder. Day Dream. All that. Yes, I am a certified water person. I am relaxed more whenever I see water. Makes me wonder if I was a mermaid in the past life. Haha!

For the rest of the week, we rented a car so we could explore further North to Prince Edward Island. We had quite a challenge traveling as we had a baby with us. So we had to stop by an exit for feeding sessions. See that's a new thing, I realized things are different now. Rodel and Monet now have a baby and I was able to witness how it was both a challenge and a blessing to them. More of a blessing I would say. With the little boy's smile - oh, who would remember getting tired after all. 

Prince Edward Island was all about red-sand beaches and lobster I would say. It wasn't the perfect timing really as it was raining all the time we were there but yes, still no one stopped us from exploring the island.

Next Stop was Lunenburg - a UNESCO World heritage site. Oh what I loved about this place is really the laid-back life, like time could literally stop there and all I would do is walk around the small town and eat to my heart's content. I loved the Food! We had our lunch at the Magnolia's Grill which offered the lobster pasta featured in the food network. Really nice! Then you have the dessert after -  the Chocolate Caramel Tart - a combination of sweet and salty tastes - just nice for the tastebuds.

This trip has blessed me in so many ways. First, I was able to catch-up with my 2 really great people. I have witnessed how they have been blessed all these years and I was just happy to be part of their love story. Well, I have been the bridge too often noh? At least, I am instrumental to someone else's love story. :) Seeing them start their own family makes me realize something. Or I would call it an affirmation of what I have been praying for. Deep down inside, I knew I wanted to have a complete family of my own too. I love taking care of babies so maybe I want to have one for myself too. :) Yes! This family inspired me to hold onto that prayer of mine. Everything in His impeccable time.

I had also met a lot of good people through this trip. Really warm and happy young people. This is one of the perks I often get in traveling - meeting people from all walks of life. Also, I therefore agree that Haligonians (they call people living in Halifax as such) are the nicest people in Canada I met so far. 

Lastly, I was mesmerized at the wonderful places I have been to in this part of Canada. Truly thankful that I have my 2 feet and a job that pays to afford me this simple pleasure of traveling. Thank you Lord for this amazing experience. 

Till my next adventure. xoxo. 

I live to wander and bask in God's wonders.


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