"a Time for Us"

This is my first attempt to writing a semi-novel or a short romantic story. 

My passion for writing started back at an early age. I remember when I was 8 years old, I would fill my sisters' used notepads with stories. I wonder where I got my inspiration then. 

So 2 decades and a number of real-life experiences after, I think I am now more inspired to write Love stories. Who doesn't love Romance anyway? 

Well, I hope you could say they are good stories you can relate with, at least. 

Here goes my first.

Enjoy. :)

Acknowledgment: Thanks to Heidee, CarrieGlaiza & Jah for the help on proofreading and editing. 


Chapter 1

The sound of the birds flying freely, the aqua-blue painting in the sky that spans above the lake sitting in its sweetest glory, the stillness of its wonder, the soft breeze gently touching my skin and yes, the presence of an angelic figure taking the form of a man, it felt like heaven finally came down on earth - ooh! it was the picture of a perfect summer. 

We were biking by the beach. Basking in the summer bliss. Suddenly the rain came pouring down. We panicked for a while then looked at each other. "Forget it!" we decided almost thinking in unison, and just took our moment to enjoy getting soaked while heading to his place. We were so carefree and acting silly but we didn't mind because we were happy anyway. He opened the door for me and I was shy but thankful for his act of courtesy. 

The inside of his home felt cozy. I looked at the picture frames by the small shelves and saw this one photo of a kid in a red shirt. He looks so familiar, I thought to myself.

"That was me when I was 8. My mom took that photo when I had my first goal. It was a happy day", he was behind me then he draped a towel on my back.

"Oh yeah? She must be so proud of you, noh?"

"Yes, for sure. That was the last summer we had together."

I felt him. I wanted to hug him, but he quickly changed his facial expression after and asked, "Coffee or hot chocolate?"

"Hot chocolate, please, Sir", I replied with a smile.

"Right away, Ma'am," he said, and I could see him smile as he turned towards the kitchen.

Sigh. I love seeing him smile. Damn! Ben has the sweetest smile I have seen in this part of the world. Blonde hair, about 5'8 feet tall with an athletic build. He is someone who keeps himself simple and neat in comfy shirts and jeans. 

I looked around further and I could see that the place seems to have been well taken care of. To be honest, a bachelor's place could not be that neat. Oops, I don’t mean to discriminate but it was quite impressive that he could keep his home in order.

"Here's a small shirt I got. At least you can change so you won't feel cold. The washroom is that blue door right there," he said, pointing to the small room to my left.

"Nice. Thank you." I spent a moment inside looking at how clean things were. Everything was white except the door. Blue is masculine. Ok. He's a certified neat freak, I figured.

I put on his white shirt. It was a little big on me. You see I am 5'2 feet tall, petite at that, so you can imagine how it looked on me. It smelled like it had been hidden in the drawer for years. But it's cool on me. It has a big C written on it. I tied up my long wavy hair then I came out and walked towards him.

"I didn't know it could look cute on a girl. That was my jersey back in college." He looked delighted to see it on me.

"Oh, is it? Geez. You were this small and lanky?!" I was kidding around. His deep-seated eyes narrowed at that. 

It was 6:00 p.m. I looked through the window. Outside it was dark and the rain seemed to be enjoying its reign. Oh, shall I say thanks to the rain? I giggled silently. 

We sat by the high chairs in the kitchen facing each other. We could see the water dripping from the roof outside the big window like it was never gonna stop for the next hour or so.

"So how about you, how's your father? I remember you only telling me stories about your mom." His face turned curious and attentive, and mine went blank. I sighed, looking down at my cup, stirring my hot chocolate. “He died when I was 4 years old," I explained.

"I'm sorry to hear that."

"No, no, it's ok. The fondest memories in my childhood years were all with him." I paused and smiled. "I would remember him carrying me around showing me off to his friends exclaiming, this is going to be my future lawyer! It was funny how his friends to this day will remember me to be that little girl. I was the apple of his eyes, they said."

"That's interesting. So you planned to become a lawyer?"

"I did. I was in my 2nd year in law school when I opted to cast that dream aside for a job that I so badly needed. I had to help my mom."

"Well, you can still go back anytime. But that was unselfish of you." He took a sip from his cup before continuing. "As for me, I would have wanted to be a doctor. But we could not afford med school. So yes, here I am now. I ended up running reports for your team, Ma'am."

I grinned. "Well, thank you Sir. And you are doing a great job. I'll recommend your promotion to your manager. If that's even possible." And we laughed.

Then there was a loud clap of thunder. The lights went off. Shoot! I fell off my chair.

He hurried to light the lamp and went to grab me from the floor. "Are you ok, Kaye?"

"Oh yes, I have this thing with thunder. I am a scaredy-cat by the way."

"You're like a kid!" he laughed so hard.

"I know, right? I'd usually run to my mom's room to sleep over whenever it's raining hard."

"And how old are you now, Ma'am?" he asked with a little hint of good-natured sarcasm in his voice while he was holding my right arm. I felt bullied, and just rolled my eyes.

We sat on the opposite ends of the couch, facing each other while looking through a big rectangular window on our side. The light from the lamp flickered and we could see our shadows on the wall.

We talked about school, past jobs, his first bike, my bike back in Singapore, our J.S. prom experience, and finally, our first love.

"I wonder how you would know if you are ready to spend the rest of your life with that one person," I mused.

"Well, " he said as he crossed his arms in front of him. "I guess you'll know when you're with the right person at the right time. Things will just fall into place."

"Wow. That's very nicely said. Sounds like coming from experience huh?" I said, intrigued.

Chapter 2 

2 months ago at the cafeteria in the office, I bumped into this guy holding a cup and a glass of water. His hot coffee spilled over me.

"Oh, I am so sorry!" he apologized, mortified, and hurriedly got a tissue to hand over to me. I quickly removed my blazer. My hands were reddish. It was scalding hot! I could have yelled at him for the stain on my newly bought Zara top, but I didn’t. There was something in him that just made me accept all that was happening. I just stared at him while he panicked and apologized repeatedly.

"It's ok. I mean, it's not 100% ok. But I am fine. The good thing is I am on half day today so I can just go home right now," I said. Then I realized he was also stained himself. The poor guy didn't know if I was about to eat him whole and alive.

"I am really sorry,” he said again. “I should have seen you coming."

"No, I was on my phone while walking so I see that was my fault." I smiled and walked out of the cafeteria.

The following day, while I was alone having my lunch, the same guy stopped by my table. "Mind if I join you? Don't worry I got free hands now. No hot coffee." He put his 2 hands up to show me. 

"No, not at all." I nodded with a smile.

"So are you just new here?" 

"Yes, I just moved here 5 months back. I came from Singapore office, worked there for 2 years. But I am from the Philippines." 

"I see. I am Ben Colton by the way", he extended his hand to shake mine. 

"It's Kaye Mendez. Your name is familiar. You are from the reporting team, right?" 

"Yes, I am that guy," he confirmed. "How do you find Toronto so far?"

"Uhm, I am loving it here, except for the weather. I got here end of January when the winter was at its worst! It's too cold for me. Crazy." 

"Oh yeah? I remember when I was a kid I would see the snow covering our window outside. But it's fun to play in the snow."

"Sounds like you had a lovely childhood. You grew up here?" 

"I was actually born and raised here. And yes, I am from here." He paused. "So have you explored Toronto yet?"

"Not really. But I would love to go to the beach. I love beaches. It could be nice to go biking and strolling there. I miss my bike back in Singapore."

"Oh that's cool. I do cycling too." 

"Nice! Yeah, maybe you could tell me sometime which places I can go and where to get a bike here for a good price." 

"For sure,” he offered helpfully. “I can send you over the sites for Kijiji or Craigslist."

"Yes, that would be great! I am feeling excited now." I glanced at my watch realizing it was almost 1:00 p.m. "Ok, but for now, I need to go back to my desk." 

"Sure, I can walk with you, if you don't mind." I smiled in affirmative. 

It was Friday. It was the Canada day holiday. And it felt like I was the only one working in the entire Canada. I got the bus and train all to myself, that one rare moment when the TTC wasn't crowded.

"Good morning Linda!" I greeted this close friend of mine in the office. She's a sweet French lady who also transferred from another office. I can remember her most welcoming smile during my first day here.

"It's Friday! Woohooo! 7.5 hours to go till the weekend starts!" She messaged me via our office chat messenger. 

"Haha! Yes! I hope today's going to be really quick." 

"Any plan or date for the weekend? :)"

"HAHA! Oh no. I wish! But no, maybe that guy got stuck in traffic somewhere. By the way, can I ask you a stupid question, Linda?" 

"Sure! What is it? :)"

"I’ve got a crush, you know. We ride together in the same bus almost everyday coming here. I am too shy to smile and even look at him. But he looks young. I suspect he is just a student! Haha!" 

"Haha! Well, you can send him to school, you know. Like offer to pay for his tuition fees or something. #cougaralert. Haha! Ey, a smile can go a long way. Just think that boys are just a bunch of kids too. Make friends and don't be shy to approach them."

"Sounds cool. Haha. Never thought of it that way. I have always been timid and rather reserved when it comes to socializing with guys. But thanks I'll take note of your tip. :)"

"Sure, you're welcome dear." 

I went to the kitchen to prepare my lemon water. I had my headset on to the tune of One Direction’s ‘What makes you beautiful’ and hummed to its beat.

"Hi Kaye!" came out of nowhere, startling me.

He chuckled. It was Ben. "Sorry about that. You seem to be in the middle of a song?" His laugh was suppressed.

"Oh good morning Ben," I smiled shyly. 

"Any plans for the weekend?" He grabbed a cup and pushed the button of the coffee maker. I continued slicing my lemons, putting each one into my pitcher. 

"Oh, I am going to go to this shop to get some bed covers and pillows. A friend of mine is coming over to visit me, so I am going to prepare my room. How about you?" My eyes were back on my lemons.

"Uhm, I am attending this wedding." I could sense his discomfort as he added, "I hate attending weddings."

I looked straight into his face. "Why? Don't you know anyone there? I mean it can't be too bad. At least either the bride or the groom is a friend of yours, right?" 

"Well, yes," he said, his right hand on his neck as if he wanted to change the topic. 

"Hhmm. You'll be fine. Before you know it, it's done. Just enjoy yourself there." I gave him a you-can-do-it nod.

We went back to our respective desks. 

It was the start of summer. I could feel the warmth of this season, people dressed down at this time. It was a nice day to walk outside, so I decided to take a long lunch that day so I could go for a stroll.

I put on my favorite dance-mood-setter song, "Hips don't lie" by Shakira. I don't know but it's like whenever I listen to this song my body becomes enslaved by the rhythm and beat that I can't help but sway here and there. So while walking, I tapped my hands on the side of my legs with my head movement. Ooh! I felt like I just wanted to unleash that dance spirit right at that moment.

Just then, a red top-down car honked at me. Shoot. I didn't realize I was crossing the street and it was on a red light. 

"It's fascinating to see you dance on the street," a familiar voice suddenly came out of nowhere.

I turned to my left to see Ben. "Hey!" I blushed. First he caught me singing, now he saw me dancing. What could be next? Watching me while I sleep?! Now that's more like Edward Cullen-ish style. No originality, I muttered to myself while we walked together.

"You seem to have the moves in the right beat huh? I could have taken a video of you earlier," he said teasingly. 

"Yeah, try that. Hope I was able to entertain you today."

He chuckled. "So do you do this often?" I looked at him for clarification. "I mean dance randomly on the streets." 

"Oh no! Well.. sometimes. I love dancing. I won before in a competition! So yeah, you could say dancing is my fourth passion."

"Nice! And what's your 3 other passions?"

"Third is photography; second is writing and first is..."

"Let me guess, singing?"

"No. That's my fifth actually. Uhm, don't laugh. But my first is loving."

"Wow!" he exclaimed. I got him almost speechless there. I could see the surprise on his face.

"Cheesy, I know, right?! But true." There was silence for a minute.

"How about you, do you dance? Or sing?" I asked.

"Dance? I am awesome at dancing. At least I could say that to myself. But singing is not for me. So I keep that private."

"Just curious, what kind of dancing do you do?"

"Ballet." He answered almost immediately with a straight face.

I laughed so hard. "No way! Seriously, you do?! Cause if you do I will challenge you to a dance match." I was waiting for him to retract. "But you're joking, right?"

He burst out in laughter saying, "Of course!" 

"Whew! Don't make me imagine how awful you look." Picture this: he's got a well-carved upper body, firm arms, broad shoulder, ok, with the sweetest male face I have seen in the office, but still!! So I could imagine how funny he would look.

"You mean, me in tights?" He smirked and looked at me. 

I don't know why I suddenly felt embarrassed but I blushed and almost with a shrill voice "You!!!! I didn't even imagine that part! I was thinking about you in a pink tutu!!!"  

We both couldn't stop giggling.

"But I would like to keep a good image of you in my mind. So I will forget what you just made me imagine there." We crossed over to the other street and he took the danger side.

I continued, "well, my brother gets annoyed when I dance at home. He scolds me because I look like..." I purposely paused to make him follow up.

"You look what?!" he demanded an answer right away.

"I look like a stripper!" I covered my face with my hand. Geez, why did I even say that?

He laughed, looking surprised and impressed. Or he could be imagining, maybe? 

"But please promise me to also keep a clean image of me in your mind, huh?" I pleaded with a smile.

"No problem at all." He nodded with assurance. 

That was really an epic comedy. I realized then that we got that instant connection. And that he could get naughty somehow. He seemed serious and overly polite as per my first impression. 


"Carla!!!!" I almost shouted to call a bosom-friend as I saw her walking past the immigration area. She came all the way from Singapore to visit me here. Well, she was having a detour, actually.

"Picture!!" I exclaimed after hugging her. It seemed like forever since we last saw each other though it had only been 5 months. Haha. She's part of my inner core circle, the few ones I could totally bare my innermost feelings to.

"Welcome to To-ro-no! How's your trip?"

"It's fine. I wasn't able to sleep.  And my stomach hurts. Can we have something to eat first?"

"Oh, I miss that about you Carla! You and the food! Haha! Ok, let's go grab some real Canadian burger!"

We took the weekend off to go to the east side of Ontario - Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec. I had been to these places in the fall of 2012 so this one was going to be another experience with the summer heat. 

Carla is the most successful career-wise in my closest circle of friends in Singapore. There's Marissa, my bff and there's Loui who is a motherly figure to me.

Carla is sophisticated, pretty, sweet and the most honest person I have met. You'd know you're close to her when she can talk straight to your face to tell you what's wrong without you getting offended by her. And she's the one who loves food a lot but doesn't gain a pound for it. How life can be so unfair huh?! She is our best judge when it comes to food tasting. Although she may be the most stable among us, she lives a rather simple life. She doesn't care about labels and has no branded bags, except for that one Longchamp we gave her on her birthday. She spends the most on food and travels. Well, the latter is an expensive interest. So I change my mind. She's not that simple after all. Haha. 

When we got to the Civilization Museum, there were these 2 lads age ranging from 18-21. "The guy in blue is mine." Carla whispered.

"No! He's mine. He's cuter and looks younger so we're a perfect match." We argued as if either one will get to keep the boy. That's how we are when we're together. Childish!

"Kaye, you've been here 5 months already, haven't you met anyone yet?"

"Nah. I wish!" I showed a little disappointment there.

"Come on. You are sweet, smart and attractive. I don’t believe you haven’t charmed anyone here yet! How about at work, no prospect yet? " 

"Hhmm.. Well, there's this guy.. I find him really nice. In fact, he's the only guy I talk to outside our team.. But.."

"But what?" She asked excitingly.

"I don't know if he's single." 

"It's simple. You try to pry. Ask him like if he lives with someone. C'mon, you just gotta be skillful in your questioning so that you don't sound like a detective."

I just shrugged. "We'll see Carla. You know I am never good at approaching boys. I was not wired that way. I am still traditional after all these years."

"You don't need to.  But you have to be when it comes to men." She winked at me.

We had a wonderful trip especially at the old Quebec, it was so picturesque. It's like the little France of Canada. We were able to try all the dishes and specialties that she wanted to taste. I am glad she seemed to have enjoyed the 3 days. Time to head back to t-dot.

I was excited to go back to work on Tuesday. I don't know but for some reason I kept on thinking what Carla told me about asking him if he's single. Well, in a not-too-obvious way. But yes, what now if he's single? It's not like I can get him to like me straight away. I kept thinking of what to ask when he suddenly appeared in front of me while I was waiting for the lift to open.

"Hi Kaye." His smile was as refreshing as the morning dew.

"Good morning, Ben." And mine was like reaching the sky. So transparent, Kaye!

"You were off? I didn't see you for a while."

"Oh yeah. My friend and I went to a 3-day tour to the east. It was fun. Then we went to Toronto Islands. The beach was really nice!" I could hear the excitement in my voice. Like I sounded that I missed talking to him or what. 

"Nice. You should go to Balmy beach. I live near there."

"Oh yeah? And you live with your family?" There, I finally asked 'the question'.

"Nope. I'm living alone." He answered right away. 

Oh em gee! Ok. Checked! So he is living alone. Can I rent a room? Haha. I giggled at the thought.

He paused and continued "Which reminds me, I need to call my father. The last time I talked to him was like a month ago."

Aahh. Now he talks about his father. My weakness. I miss my Papa. "Yes, you should. Father's day has just gone by, right? It would be a perfect timing to check on him." 

He smiled at me. "Yes, for sure."

Silence there for 5 seconds. "So yeah, I think I am going to check on other beaches here in Toronto soon. I love going to the beach! I love the beach!"

Why do I have to mention the beach all the time?! Am I waiting for an invitation or something?! Kaye! Calm down.

A lady came out from the door, which made me realize we had long been talking outside and I was supposed to be entering through the other door. So I went to my side of the entrance and bade goodbye. 

"So that means he is single, right? Because I know couples here usually live together." Carla exclaimed as she turned to me while combing her long black hair.

"Could be. But the way he said it was like almost saying, Yes! I am single if that's what you're asking!!!" I covered my face with my hands. It was shameless of me, I know!

"Kaye! Come on. Don't think too much! Just enjoy the moment."

And that was the start of a series of (unnecessary) sleepless nights. 

Wednesday, it's hump day. I felt lazy working in the middle of the week, and the weather wasn't that nice outside. I wanted to curl up in my bed a little longer and snuggle my pillows. Er, how come I’ve got so many pillows? I just noticed. A study I read showed that hugger/touchy people manifest this tendency. Oh well, whatever! I have to get my ass off to work now. I have a report to finish! I chanted to myself.

I arrived late and my manager nodded when I greeted. "Kaye, please make sure the report gets out to the client first thing today. We don't want to get a reminder."

"For sure, Lane." Then I immediately opened my PC. 

I put down my bag and pulled out my phone. I saw 6 missed calls. Ugh, it's my obsessive/possessive mom. She goes berserk if I don't pick up her call or call her back. Now I could just feel the pressure all the more. "Ma, I'm at work now. I'll call you back tonight when I reach home. I love you." I left a voicemail.

My messenger blinked and I opened the small chat window. "Kaye, I got a question."

"Good morning Ben! :)" 

"Good morning btw. Lol."

"What can I do for you today?"

"Could your team please send me the approved figures for this month so I can proceed with my reporting here?"

"Right away, Sir!"

"Lol. Thank you Madam!"

"I am too young for that salutation. Eeesh.. "

"Alright Miss, please?"

"Will do Sir. I will send them shortly."

"Lol. Thank you Miss. :)"

I sent on the email requested. He emailed back to me only "Merci! :)"

I messaged him instead on the chat "you are welcome! :)"

I added, "why do we need it to be so formal on the email?"

"Well, you can insert a joke there but I would probably be the only one laughing. Haha."

"Haha! But thanks! At least I'll make someone laugh."


And I realized that this guy can make me dismiss whatever I was doing just like that. His wish was my command! 


That night Carla and I decided to have a dinner at this fancy resto at a roof deck overlooking downtown Toronto. We also got a good view of the sunset from the 51st floor. It would have been really a romantic place to dine with someone special. I suddenly felt a pang of longing.

"So Kaye, have you seen the color of his eyes yet?! Are they bluish, greenish, reddish maybe? We laughed. Edward Cullen is that you?

"Uhm, no. Like yeah! I don't think I even look at his eyes when I talk to him." Bit my lip. She got me thinking there.

"That's because you are too busy thinking of what to talk about next!! Like you shouldn't be too tensed you know!"

"I know! You know the feeling that there's so much you want to ask and you don't want your conversation to end!" I sighed.

"Ok, so next time, take time to listen to him. Let him ask you questions first. And follow through the flow of your conversation."

I just sighed and agreed. I know she had a point there. It's just that I can't relax when he's near me. Yes, it's me again just like when I was sixteen! 


The chat window blinked. My heart leaped. "Good morning Kaye! :)"

"Good morning Ben! :)"

"Sorry I got a question."

"Don't be sorry. Just keep em coming. :)"

"Lol. Ok. Do you guys receive the confirmation from the client? I just need them to back up my reports."

"Yes, we do. Wait. Lemme send them over to you."

"Perfect! Thank you very much! :)" 

I immediately emailed him the requested reports. "Sent. Anything else you need, Sir?" 

"Lol. That's it for now, Miss. :) 

I just want to go home now. I am so tired. :("

"Aw. Just think that tomorrow is Friday!!! Go take a walk. It looks nice outside. Get some fresh air."

"Thanks! I want to get out early so I can play football later."

"Yeah! It's always nice to do something you love after a tiring day. Relieves you from stress. Now, you make me think about my next travel! I want to take more photos of places I go."

"Oh yeah? Well, as for me, I am not into pictures, really. The last time I travelled, I came back with only a handful of them. So yeah! Lol."

"I see. Because through photos, I get to relive the moments."

"And other people can also relive their moments and enjoy the places with you through your photos."

"Yes! I remember a friend of mine messaged me one time thanking me for sharing my photos because she felt that it's as if she's gone to those places herself. So since then I made it as my purpose." 

"That's nice of you."

"I am happy making other people happy. :)"

"Well, I could say that I am enjoying our conversations since the time we met. :)"

My heart skipped a bit. Why did he have to mention that?

"Me too!

Always!" Shoot! Me and my bare feelings! Why did I even have to make it sound like I was sooo into him?! I could have stopped at the first line!

"Haha! So where is your next trip?" 

"I am going to New York! Yehey!"

"Are you going with your family?"

Hmm.. Was he fishing if I was going there with someone special? Haha.

"None.. I mean, No.. But I will be visiting my dear friend! She just gave birth to a baby boy. I am excited to see him! I love babies!"

"Nice! I could feel your excitement there!"

"Yes! I am excited to nurse him!"

Oops. Again Kaye, think first! "I meant to take care of him. Nurse didn't sound right there...."

"Hahaha! Ok. But I kinda figured out what you meant there." 

"Eessh! Don't laugh! I know my English can be bad sometimes! I am now embarrassed.."

"Haha! No, all is good! Don't worry. :)"

Again, it's the little conversations like that one that made me feel happy at the end of the day. 


It's Carla's last day. She was heading back to Singapore. We spent our time talking and giggling as much as we can over our favourite topic of all - Love.  

"Didn't he try to ask you out yet?"

"Uhmm, no. I guess he's just really nice to everyone."

"Tell me, don't you feel any special treatment from him?" 

"Well, to be honest, he seems to be a sweet guy. I love our conversations each time. But I don't really know. Maybe he's just being friendly to me." 

Carla was staring at me as if waiting for some more revelations from me.

"Ok, fine! Carla, I like him. Very much. That's it. So what now?!" I blushed. Palm on my face.

"See! I thought so. Well, I am happy that after 2 years you finally like someone again! Woohoo!"

"I am scared Carla." I was perplexed.

"You shouldn't be. You just have to be open. Take things slowly. Do not over analyze and enjoy every moment." Carla said in her most comforting smile.

That night I went to send her off to the airport. I knew I will miss our hearty and no-holds-barred chats before we sleep. Not to mention her being my live diary about my recent madness.


Thank God It's Friday!!! And I was spending more time looking through my closet deciding what to wear! I ended up wearing a black and white striped semi-crop top and a black skater skirt. I looked at my watch and damn! I was running late so I didn't have time anymore to fix my hair or put a lipstick on. I just ran to catch the bus. 

As I reached work, I went straight to the rest room to do my rituals and put on my favourite scent of all times - Éclat Lanvin. Ok, I am happy. Now I can work. So I headed to my desk. On the way, I could see Ben walking from his desk smiling from afar. Thank goodness! I sprayed my perfume just on time.

"Good morning, Sir!" I flashed my most charming smile. 

"Good morning, Ma'am!" His smile melted my heart away. That sounded better in person. The Sir and Ma'am thing. Haha.

"Any plans for the weekend?" He added while we're walking side by side. 

"None really. My friend just went back to Singapore. So yes, it's me and myself again. How about you?"

"I haven't thought about what to do yet. Perhaps just relax and rest." 

"Well, that sounds like a good plan. I mean the sweetness of doing nothing yeah." 

"Exactly." We walked by my desk then we parted ways.

I was looking through my mom's messages on my phone when I saw my chat window blinked.

"Kaye, how about biking at Balmy beach tomorrow? :)"

"Yes, sure. That'll be fun!" Wait! What did I just reply? It didn't even take a second. I'm not even sure if I got his question correctly there. 

"Sounds cool! I'll meet you at station 1, near the Woodbine bus stop @ 2:00 p.m.?"

My heart stopped beating there. Oh-em-gee. Is he asking me out? Wait. Lemme process this first. "Do they have bike rentals there by the way?" I did not want to sound so excited about it.

"Yes, they do. I could arrange that for you. :)" 

"Thanks! See you tomorrow then! :)" Uh-oh! I don't think I can sleep tonight! I need to tell Carla about this!!!

I was up so early. I could hear the music on the background 'I'm so excited! And I just can't hide it!' Geez! Why can't I stop smiling. But the sky outside looks dull. No rays of sun. Oh no! Not today please! 

I got out of bed. Took a quick shower and went for a jog. I thought I had to be prepared noh. Haha. We could bike for a mile or two. Make it three. Whatever. The farther the better. 

I got home around 10 a.m. and took my brunch. Bacon and egg with wheat bread. Leafed through a local newspaper. What's with the mayor these days? I could not believe somewhere in this part of the world, a politician can be such a nuisance. Oh well.

I opened my closet and pulled out my favourite white tee and tattered shorts. This pair should be comfy for biking. Ok, I wanted to show off my nice pair of legs. Haha. I looked at myself in the mirror and saw a different glow in my face. My smile shows off my prominent cheekbones. I feel happier about myself now.

I took a while to prep. I love spending time in the shower especially after sweating out. Singing in the shower is my favourite pastime! 

It was 12:05 noon when I checked out the clock. I should get going. I sprayed on my favorite scent. And off I went. 

I alighted at the bus stop and I could see him waving to be noticed. He was wearing a white tee too. Very Ben.

"Hi Kaye! Welcome to my playground!" He stretched his left arm to point at the beach behind him. At least the sky turned light blue this time.

"Hello Ben! Thank You! I am just glad to be in my happy place!" 

He reached for my hand to assist me on a slope down so we could walk near the lake.

"So tell me Kaye, why do you love the beach?" 

I removed my sneakers so I could walk bare-footed and feel the sand on the soles of my feet. 

"I don't know. There is something in the stillness of the water that relaxes me. Maybe I was a mermaid in my past life." He grinned. "I dream of having a home near the beach! Hey, is your home so near here that when you open your window in the morning it's the cool breeze that greets you?" I was animated as I asked this.

"Wow. But no. I wish! My place is still a couple of blocks from here. But yes, I can come here anytime I want." He picked up a stone and threw it to the lake. 

"That's the farthest you can throw? C'mon, let's have a challenge. I dare you, if I throw this stone farther than you do, I will ask you to dance in front of me. Deal?"

He chuckled. "Ok deal, Miss! Ladies first." He gestured his hand. 

"Ok, here we go!" I took a step back and threw as far as I could. It's farther than his first throw!! "Now, be ready for your turn, Mister. Or should I say, be ready with your dance performance!" I was teasing him. Haha! 

"One, two, three!" Woohoo!!!! His stone didn't do him justice! Haha! 

"Someone's gonna dance later! I can't wait!!!" I gave him a smirk while doing a bit of a dance move. 

"Oh yes! Prepare to be entertained!" He laughed. 

We kept walking until we reached the bike rentals shop. He had already left his bike there earlier. I chose a pink one. So me! 

The rest of the afternoon was really fun. We biked along the long stretch from Kew Gardens to Silver Birch Avenue. 

It was about quarter past 4 and everything seemed to be just perfect, until suddenly, the dark clouds took over and rain came pouring down. So we headed to his place.


Chapter 3

Back to the present... 

"I wonder how you would know if you are ready to spend the rest of your life with that one person."

"Well.." He said as he crossed his arms in front of him. "I guess you'll know when you're with the right person at the right time. Things will just fall into place."

"Wow. That's very nicely said. Sounds like coming from experience huh?" I said, intrigued.

His face turned serious. He looked away. "I was engaged to be married 3 months ago." 

I kept silent, waiting for his next revelations. 

"But she realized she wasn't ready so we had to part ways. I didn't want to force the matter." He looked back at me.

Now it made sense why he said he hated weddings. "So you hated attending weddings from then on?" I was curious.

"I guess so. At one point I thought that maybe marriage wasn't for me."

"No, I don't think so. In fact, I think you'd be a good partner." Those words were straight from my heart. 

"Thank you! That's kind of you." He smiled at me. "So, how about you, what's your first love story?" 

I swallowed. And then I heaved a sigh. I was fidgeting. "My first love was bitter-sweet. It lasted for 6 long years."

"Whoa! That's a long time! What happened?"

"Uhm.. Let's just say we grew apart. He found himself happier with someone else. So he left. I couldn't force him to stay. I wanted him to be happy." Silence. I looked at my hands. I could feel him staring at me.

"Maybe that's just how things are. Things and People change. But memories don't. I always have to let go of the ones I love. First my father then my first love. So I thought I could relive the memories through photos. That’s why I got myself into the hobby, I guess. It's the only way I could freeze time and relive the moments." Then I looked straight at him.

He was carefully studying me. "I think you are really nice and sweet, Kaye. I just hope he knew what he was letting go." Aahhh.. Those were the most thoughtful and the sweetest words I heard from a guy. I felt his sincerity.

"Thank you Ben." I could feel my face turn red and knew it could be visible even with the low lighting.

He stood up and did some stretching. "Ok, Come here, Miss. Please?" He reached for my hand.

"Huh? What are we gonna do?" 

"We had a deal right? Since I could not dance on my own, I might as well ask you to teach me!"

He was perky all of a sudden. His smile was irresistible so it was really hard to turn him down.

First he took my left hand and slowly placed it on his right shoulder then he held my right hand with his left. Gosh. That was the closest we had ever been to each other. I was confused, but the happy kind of confused.

He was just smiling at me. "Relax, Kaye. It's not like I am going to hurt you or something." He was being playful. 

So I just took a deep breath and waited for his lead. I could guess we were doing the sweet dance? But I couldn't relax. I was speechless and overtaken by the moment.

"Kaye? Your hands are cold." For a moment there I wasn't sure if he was concerned or teasing me.

"I know. I wasn't ready for this. I told you, right, this isn't my kind of dance." I gave him an awkward smile while biting my lower lip.

"Don't worry, we're not gonna do your kind of dancing." He chuckled, observing my reaction. Guess he's been imagining how I would dance at home. 

"For tonight, let's do a slow dance coz this is the only one I think I know." He pulled me closer.

Oh-em-gee. My face suddenly turned red. I thought I was having a mini heart attack. I couldn’t breathe!

It was really awkward with no music. "So are you not gonna sing for this dance?" I was suppressing my giggle.

"You hum and I lead the dance. That's called team work, yeah?" He was looking straight into my eyes. I couldn’t stop blushing. Oh now, I can look at him this close. He's got the most beautiful pair of grey eyes I have seen. 

"No. I lead the dance. You hum, please. Come on, you can't be that bad." I pleaded sweetly with cherries on top.

"Ok, Ma'am. But don't laugh." 

I rested my head on his shoulder so he wouldn’t be as conscious as when I was looking at him. Then he started humming to the tune of Frank Sinatra's ‘the way you look tonight.’ His voice trembled at first. So I had to start leading the sway so he could ease up. It was really sweet. His right cheek was on the side of my head.

We danced for what seemed like forever. I wished the moment would never last. I could almost hear our hearts throbbing like crazy. And our breathing sounded like music to my ears.

"Kaye? Do you believe in destiny?"

"I am not sure. Why?" My head felt comfortable on his shoulder.

"I don't know. I just believe somehow that destiny will find a way."

"Ok. Noted, Ben." Then I turn my gaze on him. Our eyes were locked on each other.

And alas! The lights came back!

We were both surprised looking at each other with the lights on. We paused as if we're glued in that position.

He gave me a tight hug. "Thank You Kaye!" I don't know what that was for but I suddenly felt a current run between us. I looked at him closely. His eyes looked even more amazing now. He gently let go of me. He was such a gentleman.

I motioned to get my wet shirt.

"Wait Kaye, let me walk you to the taxi stand." He grabbed his jacket hanging in the corner and covered my back with it. 

Just before I went inside the car, I gave him a soft kiss on his right cheek. "Merci!" 

"No. Thank you, Kaye! I had so much fun today. I will see you on Monday." His face was gleeful. 

He opened the door for me and closed the same once I was inside.


Chapter 4

That night, I lay in bed reckoning each and every moment that happened earlier. From the time he first held my hand at the beach to his sweet gestures of opening the door for me, wrapping a towel around me, holding me close when I fell off my seat, his sweet words that seemed to be all the words of affirmation I needed all this time, his asking me to dance with him, pulling me even closer that I could only hear our breathing and the throbbing of our hearts, his grey eyes piercing my soul, the tight hug that penetrated my innermost being and the soft kiss that sent shivers to my spine - all those were really a sweet and special experience for me. 

I couldn't stop smiling. I spent hours staring at the ceiling. Sleep did not seem appealing to me as finally, reality was better than the sweet dreams I would normally have of him in the past nights. It felt like I could go on like that forever.

“Oh my sweet Lord!!! I think I am falling helplessly in love! Uh-oh! My heart's in trouble!” I was terrified. “Carla, help!!!”

"Oh-em-gee! Kaye!!! I am so happy for you!!!" I could hear Carla's loudest voice ever on the phone.

"Uhmm, I am scared. I don't know what to expect after tonight Carla!", I had my palm on my face again.

"Just wait on. Let's see what he will do next. At least that's really a great progress from just your daydreaming Kaye! Keep me updated ok?!" She sounded excited. 

I hung up the phone and rested my back flat on my bed. I closed my eyes in the hope that I could sleep this time. 

Monday came. I woke up early and got myself ready for work. Oh but this time it didn't feel like work at all. It felt like just going for a walk in the park. Easy-breezy, everything light, like I was walking on cloud 9.

I immediately opened my chat messenger. But I couldn't see him online. Maybe he was just late. I tried doing other stuff. I walked over their side of the office. I saw no shadow of Ben.

I waited at the cafeteria during lunch. But he was not there. I checked again on the chat messenger but he was still offline.

Why does it seem like my day isn't complete?

That night I realized we did not even exchange numbers. He didn't get my number. I did not have his, so I had no way of checking on him.  

Tuesday I was feeling excited that I could see him this time. Still no Ben in the building. 

Wednesday, his chat messenger status was still offline. I was starting to miss him terribly. I got a lot of thoughts running in my head already.  Was he sick? Did something wrong happen to him? Was he ok? Where on earth could he be?! I thought I was going crazy!!

That was the longest week I had at work here, I guess.

For some reason, or should I say due to mental stress, I got sick, caught the flu and was forced to take leave for 2 days. The last time I was so ill was during my major heartbreak. So yes, heart matters seem to be bad for my health. Or so I thought.

I know I don't look my best just coming from sickness but I had to be at work because it was month-end. Well.. ok and I missed him. 

I was at the common kitchen getting a glass of water and while trying to open my medicine container a voice broke into my reverie. "Do you need help on that one?" Sigh. It was Ben! Oh I didn't realize how much I had missed him until that moment. While I looked sickly, he on the other hand looked fresh and happy.

"Yes, please." I handed him the thing.

"How are you?" We asked almost at the same time.

"You first." He said politely.

"I was down with flu since last week. I am feeling a little better now. How about you? What happened?" I asked, concerned.

"You mean last week?" He handed me the opened container. "Oh something happened." He paused. "My ex's father got hospitalized. She called me on Sunday night last week and asked me to help her look after him."

I thought I wanted to faint right then and there. How much sicker can I get? I could sense my blood went low that I felt nauseated all of a sudden. 

He panicked upon seeing me turn pale. "Are you sure you are feeling better now, Kaye? I think you should just go home and rest." He motioned towards me as if to hold me.

"No, I am good. I just need to take this medicine." I took 1 tablet and drank half glass of water. I wanted to ask more. "So you are in talking terms with her again?"

"Well, we've never lost contact, really.  I make myself available for her whenever she needs me." I suddenly felt a twinge there. So I could guess there was still hope for them to rekindle whatever they had. Ouch.

"That's nice," is all that came out from my mouth. I held onto the high table for a while trying to absorb everything I just heard. It was a roller coaster of emotions at that moment. "I better go back to work now. See you later." I faked a smile.

I couldn't comprehend what just happened a week ago. Did he just need someone to divert his attention? Was he just being friendly and nice? Did he feel anything for me even for that night only? I was feeling lost and confused. My headache just worsened towards the end of the day. I needed some time to process my thoughts. 

Was I just over-analyzing things in my head the entire time? I didn't even know if I was sick physically, mentally or emotionally. One thing that I kept asking myself was, who am I to him then? Where do I stand now? Oh, maybe it was still too early to think about that. It's only been 2 months of chats and sweet talks? Not even sure about the latter now. 

Out of curiosity I googled his name. And voila! I found a shocking thing. They never really removed their wedding site. Which means they just needed some time to think about it. But they were still into it. So I guessed it just made things clearer to me. I was just caught in between his discerning moments. Again, for the nth time, I was in the wrong story, it seemed. 

And so after wallowing in self-pity and pathetic drama, I finally managed to get myself back to work. Thank goodness! I still needed a job that pays, I came to my senses. 

I was sending an email when suddenly I saw my chat messenger blink. 

"Good morning Kaye! :) How are you?"

"I am good Ben. Good morning! What can I do for you today?" It sounded weird like how I would address him now. No smiley. Just casual. I had to protect my heart.

"That's good to know. By the way, I need your help. Could you please send me the approved figures again?"

"Sure will do that shortly..."

"The sky looks nice outside. :)"

"Yes, but I just want to go home... Hope this day ends soon.." Or my life maybe? Kidding. I was remorseful.

"Are you still not feeling well, Kaye? You've been sickly lately. You need to take care of yourself." O come on, please don't sound like you care. It wasn’t helping.

"Oh, I have not been feeling well. Maybe I am just going through something lately.." There goes my bare emotion again.

"I am sorry to hear that. I hope you are alright." 

"No worries, I will get by. Been there, done that. I told you right?" If you only knew Ben. Deep sigh. I continued "Anyway, I need to hear some happy stories now. Do you have one to share?" I was leading him on. 

"Ok, I got a couple of them actually. First is my brother's wife gave birth to a baby girl. Her name is Aliah."

"That's a cute name! Are you fond of babies?"

"Not really but I think I will have to get myself used to it now because I will sooner or later have my own as Sarah and I decided to push through with our wedding plans."

There. He finally said it. Maybe I just needed to hear it straight from him. Good thing though he didn't tell it to me in person. I would not know how to fake my reaction. 

"Wow! Now that's one happy thing to think about. Congratulations Ben!"

"Thanks Kaye!"

Help! I heard something's cracking. My heart, where did the pieces go?! 


"Kaye, I wish I were there to hug you now. I cannot explain what just happened there." Carla was comforting me on the phone.

"Do you think I just misinterpreted all that he said and did?" 

"To be honest, I don't know what was running on his mind. He could just be enjoying your company. That's all." 

"I know. Maybe he's just being friendly thinking that I am new here and I needed a friend to show me around."

"Maybe, his role is to make you realize that you are still capable of caring and loving again.." No words can console me that time. And Yes, I had loved Adele's "Someone Like You" from then on. 

The day after that felt like dragging myself to work. I didn't seem to have the motivation at all. I purposely changed routes and avoided seeing him. Still it was inevitable. 

The leaves were turning red this time of the year. Some started falling. It's getting cold. Oh well, could there be any colder than my broken heart. I was sour-graping. Summer love was over. Please dear Fall be kind to me. 

We had a fire drill in the building. Everyone went down. It was cold outside. I forgot to wear my jacket. I did not care at all. The cold seemed to not penetrate my skin anymore. There are much more painful things in life than just the piercing cold.

My mind was out somewhere. I wanted to get away from all these. I felt sick. Like a terminal illness has crippled my limbs. I kept walking and didn't know where the people were heading. In a split second I just heard "Kaye!" Ben grabbed and pulled me to the side. I tripped over and fell in his arms. I did not realize I was crossing the street. He saw a truck coming.

"Could you be any more careful, please?!" His voice was loud. Our colleagues were just looking at us. He looked so worried.

"I'm sorry. I wasn't in the right mind..." He hugged me even before I could finish speaking. Oh please! Don't do this to me. You are killing me Ben! 


Chapter 5

"You feel cold! You are still sick, Kaye. Let's go, I am going to bring you home." He sounded like I did not have a choice at all. 

We were walking to my home. All I can hear was silence. He was gently holding me, my right elbow on his left hand and my bag on his right hand. He gave me his jacket earlier so he was only wearing a knitted grey long sleeve top. I could tell he was feeling the chills because his hands were cold. 

We reached the house and we were standing at the entrance to the porch. "Ben, thank you. You didn't have to do this." I was looking at him. Poor guy, he had to skip his lunch for me.

"No Kaye, I wanted to make sure you are home safe. You are too fragile to be left alone. I hope you will feel better." He felt my cheek to check if I had a fever. 

I had been really itching to ask him. But I just didn’t know what to ask. I thought this could be the right time. "Ben, why do you care this much?" I could see the surprise on his face. But I knew he figured what I was asking him.

He took a deep sigh. "Come here." He pulled me closer and wrapped his arms around me. "Because you are special to me Kaye."

And my tears fell uncontrollably. "Are you crying?" He immediately wiped my moist eye with his thumb. No words came out. I just hugged him back. Tighter. I did it like there was no tomorrow. I knew that moment could never come again.

"I am sorry, Kaye. I needed to choose. I feel that it's the right thing to do." I did not quite process what he was telling me then. I just wanted to feel him one last time.

I knew he felt my heart's yearning. My embrace could have said all that I wanted to say to him. Not a word from me was even necessary at that point. He knew that I loved him. 

He kissed me softly on my forehead. "I will see you tomorrow at work. Please rest well tonight." He flashed his sweetest smile.

That night I made a decision to leave. I knew I wanted him to myself. But I had to respect his decision. His choice. And it was not me. So I felt that I had to give way. And maybe, he had already served his purpose in my life - I realized I could love again. 

"Thank you Kaye for all the hard work you put up for the team. I really hope you would stay. But I wish you the best in your new leap." My manager said with a tone of regret after acknowledging my resignation letter.

"Thanks Lane. I just needed to pursue my dream now or I may never have the chance in the future." 

I left a note at Ben's desk during his lunch break to make sure he wouldn’t be around to see me for the last time.

Dear Ben,

Forgive me but I have to do this for myself. You are right. I am fragile. Too weak to stay away from you. But things will be different soon. You made your choice. And this is mine. Thank you for making me love again. You are my sweetest Summer Love.

Lovingly yours,



Chapter 6

5 falls, winters and springs later...

"Congratulations Atty. Kaye Mendez!!" My dear friend Glaiza exclaimed after we saw my name in the roll of bar passers. 

I went to take up law in New York. Finally, I was able to pursue my father's dream for me. It was a blessing in disguise. I needed an escape. And I got the additional title. It was a good plan after all. Speaking of plans..

"So what's your plan now, Kaye? You want to look for a job straight away?" 

"I don't know. Maybe, yes." I realized I did not have a plan after passing the bar. Crap.

Glaiza looked at me as if she knew what I had been thinking. "Or maybe, you can take a break first and visit t-dot. Go!" She winked at me.

"I don't have a reason to go back there anymore. You know that my family moved back to the Philippines already!" Do I have a reason? I asked myself.

"Well, it's always good to visit a place that you left. Maybe from there, you can find back the reason why you even pushed yourself this far. Then, you will know what to do next with your life. Go find your inspiration back!" I knew where she was leading me. Glaiza was always full of wisdom. I could not thank her and her family enough for helping me through my life-changing move to the U.S. 

"Paging, Miss Kaye Mendez to door number 3, please." The voice called while I was waiting for my queue in a a lab clinic. I  decided to have my annual medical check up before going back to New York. 

I had the blood test and was told to wait outside for the doctor. I was busy leafing through the newspaper. I came across an article that had CITEX as GTA's Top Employer for the last 5 years. Hhmm.. So it's all coming back to me again. I just smiled. Sweet memories indeed, i thought.

"Hi there, Miss!" My heart suddenly leaped as I heard a familiar voice.

I looked up and lo and behold! Ben?! "Dr. Colton? Ben?" I was in utter shock, surprised to see him there of all places.

"It's Dr. Ben Colton, yes!" He barely changed. His face was still the sweetest one I had seen in my 30 years of existence! He looked so happy to see me. I was beyond ecstatic! 

He gave me a quick hug. "I am so glad to see you again, Kaye. It’s been years!" I was not sure how to respond. 

"Same here, I am glad to see you in that white suit. You look nice in it."

"I know. I just started my GP." He shrugged and smiled. "Hey, are you free for dinner? Let's take a walk. The weather looks nice outside." Oh, he knew I could not refuse him. I loved taking a stroll with him.

"Sure!" I smiled gleefully.

It was summer time and I realized Toronto had changed somehow. Newer buildings were erected. But it felt like the same summer breeze that once touched my face 5 years ago.

We found ourselves walking towards the harbor front. We dined at this nice restaurant just facing the Lake Ontario. I felt nostalgic over the view. 

"So Kaye, what have you been up to lately?" I knew he'd been dying to ask that while we were walking. We both just waited for the right time and place for our much awaited catch-up.

"I just passed the bar. So yes! I finally made it!"

"Wow! I am sure your father would have been so proud of you." 

"I know. How about you, when did you decide to pursue medicine? I am proud of you, Ben." I gave him a sincere look.

His face turned a bit serious. "Oh thanks Kaye." He then looked down on his glass of water. "I decided to pursue becoming a doctor because of Sarah. She actually inspired me a lot. I wanted to look for a cure for her illness. Too bad she could no longer see who I have become now."

I felt sorry to hear that. I was observing him carefully. Clearly he loved her dearly. I did not know what to say. I wanted to comfort him or something.

"She didn't make it to our wedding day. I wanted to be with her until her last moments. I did not want to leave her. What kind of a man would I be if I did." I could tell his voice was firm and he had a nonchalant face that time. 

It suddenly went flashing back to me. That last time we were together. He said it was the right thing for him to do. So it all made sense to me now. I felt better that I did the right thing too back then.

I reached for his hand. "I am sorry to hear that, Ben. I am sure she would have been happy to see how you are now." I hoped my words were reassuring enough. His face lit up.

Silence for a moment there. My eyes shifted to the tranquil water, enjoying the surrounding vista.

Then, I saw a familiar face coming towards our table. I knew I'd seen this guy before. 

"Ben! You are just here! I was trying to reach you." Then this guy looked at me as if waiting for Ben to introduce him to me.

"Kaye, this is Carl, my younger brother. Carl this is Kaye." Then all of a sudden I realized where I saw this guy. Shoot! He was the kid I was eyeing on the bus 5 years ago! Haha! What a small world!!

"Hi Kaye! So, finally I met you! I have heard a lot about you from Ben!" Ben tried to stop him but he was just telling it all. "We were looking all over Canada for you. Glad you just decided to show yourself." He was glancing at Ben to gauge his reaction. "Now Ben you can continue and I will leave you two alone." He shook my hand and gave Ben a teasing look. "It was a pleasure meeting you, Kaye!" He winked at me.

I couldn’t stop smiling. I could see Ben blushing even under the lovely tuscany-blue sky. We looked at each other. Silence ruled the minutes after.

"What.." We almost spoke at the same time.

"You go first."

I stared at him as if trying to understand what I just heard a few minutes ago. 

"Ok, Kaye. Remember, what I told you the night that we danced?"

"There were quite a number of things you told me that night, actually."

Then the song played in the music bar. 'The way you look tonight'.

We giggled. "Thank you for the background music, Cupid! Perfect timing!" Ben and his timeless humor. I missed that about him.

He stood up. Fixed himself. Reached for my hand. "Miss Kaye Mendez, may I have this dance?" 

I was not sure if that was a good idea. But there was something in the air that night that was so compelling. He was at his most charming state demanding my utter submission.

He placed my left hand around his neck and held my right with his left. Now he was already leading the dance. "Do you remember I told you about destiny before, Kaye?" 

I sweetly smiled at him. "Yes, Ben. How can I forget?" He curled a hand over my hip and then fixed his grip on my hand interlocking his fingers with mine. 

"The night we danced..” I looked at him lovingly. His beautiful tantalizing grey eyes fixed on me. “That was the first time I saw forever in your eyes. I knew this day would come, Kaye." 

I was momentarily speechless and lovestruck. A tear rolled down my cheek. He then wiped it. I just closed my eyes and felt the warmth of his breath. "I would never want to see you cry again."

I embraced him. So tight. I wanted to make him feel how much I missed him all these years. How much I longed for that moment to come.

He then lifted up my chin so he could look me in the eyes. "Kaye, can I keep you forever? I don't ever want to lose you again. I have always loved you."

"I love you too Ben. So much..." And before I could even finish what I had to say, he gently held my face with his 2 hands and he kissed me so passionately. A strong surge of emotion has overtaken us. I could imagine a hundred of shooting stars gracing the sky and the universe rejoicing with us at that moment.

And from then on, I came to believe that indeed, there is such a magical thing called Destiny.

By the way, it was the Best summer EVER! 


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  1. Thanks for sharing this short story. It was an easy read and I love the happy ending. Well done!

  2. thanks Tine! yes! fiction as it is! haha.

  3. It's a great story! Really worth reading! All the emotions came to my senses. Love story indeed. :)


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