Fear Less, LOVE MORE

Just finished watching "Something Borrowed" with my mom.

Ok, I try to not talk about Love so often in my blogs but here I go again... 

Rachel and Dex have been buds in law school. Their chemistry was so good that they fell for each other. Rachel has always kept her admiration for Dex to herself because she never thought someone as hot as him would like her back. (Damn! He's so hawt! He can burn you up alive! Haha!) She could have taken her chance at love with him but one night her best friend, Darcy suddenly came into the picture and stole him from her. Well, she let her do that. 6 years later Dex and Darcy got engaged. Then one night Rachel and Dex had their time alone and suddenly all the hidden emotions just got unleashed. Complicated. But Rachel took her last chance at love by asking Dex not to marry her best friend. Had Dex too not made the choice, they would not have had their chance at their happy ending. So that's the story in a nutshell. 

The movie just made me now wonder about the things one would do for Love..

Don't you miss doing crazy things for the one you love? For Love? Don't I?

Someone told me lately that if I am not going to go on a date then how will I come to meet and know someone special. And it got me thinking. True! Maybe some of us have shielded ourselves long enough from the fears of our past. But hey, screw the past! This is here and now. You'll never know what's on the other side of the bridge if you don't take a leap and cross over. 

And I quote a lyric from one of my recent favorites:

Heaven knows love is just a chance we take

We make plans but then love demands the leap of faith

True enough fate demands a leap of faith too. Who knows that one moment may be the only chance you got. Else, you may spend the rest of your time dwelling on "what ifs". And that sucks big time. I guess I'd rather hurt a little too much than risk what could have been a beautiful love story. 

So I challenge YOU, Yes! YOU! To also do something crazy if not for love at least for a chance at love, perhaps once in a while. And tell me. I'd love to hear your story.

Decide based on Love, not on Fear. :)


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