my First Christmas in Toronto

Yes, it's my first Christmas here in Toronto! Plus, I'm now celebrating it with my family! This used to be  just a dream for me.

We went straight to attend mass after work. I felt the joy in my heart. It's like I can smile with my liver. (as per Ketut in the movie Eat, Pray, Love.)

As usual, Filipino Christmas eve dinner can never be simple. It always involves preparation for different delectable dishes cooked the Filipino way. I, of course did my part. I cooked my most requested fried wanton wrapper with the ground beef white sauce. Not that I don't know how to cook the famous adobo and pork steak. I just hoped I wasn't working that day so I could have prepared a more proper dish.

the tyne's dip. haha.

I was the official photographer and game master of the night. We started off with a group game - Charades! It was so fun coz they were all competitive and so into it. Then when the winning group asked for their prize, funny i forgot to prepare one! Haha!

After feasting on fried pork belly, pancit and stuffed chicken (nomnom), we then had our gift giving. I always love to see the surprise in the faces of the people who receive my gift. I like it when they like my gift. 

Today, I got a message from our priest family friend. He said he brought the kids to Jollibee and then they  went to Fort Pilar to offer a prayer for my family. I just called them because he said the kids wanted to say thank you. I am happy to know how happy the kids were. And though I couldn't be with them this year, I could imagine their smiles as I write this. 

Christmas to me is all about LOVE - the love of family, friends and above all the love of God. 

I'd like to believe that I got the miracle I was praying for this Christmas. And that's the miracle of Love, Peace and Joy in my heart.

Happy Birthday, Jesus! Feliz Navidad. 

here with my favorite baby girl, my niece! 

a compulsory Christmas family picture :)


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