Finding Love Today

I am actually on my 4th day of fasting from all other media except here, my blog site.

I thought it would help me find myself in silence. Trying to be more aware of what's here and now. So today I resolved to be more observant and sensitive of my surroundings.

I went to Tim's to get my favourite breakfast - French Vanilla and Cheese Croissant. But on the door I saw an old man standing outside the cold street waiting for grace from passersby. I thought I could do my FRAK (Friday Random Act of Kindness) on a Monday. So I went to get 2 sets of FV and toasted Cheese Croissant. The surprise in his face was all I needed to get me going throughout the day. I said to myself, 'there you go Kristine, that's one reason to be happy!'

The day went by. And I wasn't really feeling well. I felt my right eye was strained and it hurt all day. A kind teammate asked a friend of mine who is in-charge of the kitchen to get me some ice to help ease my discomfort. They also told me to leave early and take my rest. And I went home at 5 straight to attend my 8th Novena mass.

On the train, I did what I always do - people watching. It's always been my hobby to observe people, making up their life stories in my head. So there's this one lady standing across me. She seemed to be so into her read. On the cover of her kindle was a 3R-sized photo of a man who I could guess is her significant other. It looked funny because it was a full-body picture but I thought that was sweet. Maybe she was reading a love story and would have needed a real-life image to go with the sweet scenes as she reads. Well, who needs a picture in her mind when she can have a real picture of the prince charming, right?! :)

So yeah, this is how I found love today. I hope to tell more love stories tomorrow. 

That's it for today. Laters Baby. 


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