Give "Love" on Christmas

Today, I have decided to open myself up again. I thought it's Christmas and it's almost impossible for me not to reach out to some people close to my heart. 

So this morning, I hurried to work to get my last batch of presents distributed. They're of small values really but it delights me to send my message of appreciation across.

I remember about the same time last year, I celebrated my late birthday and Christmas dinner with my favorite kids in my hometown. Every year, I try to make as many kids happy as I can even with just the jolly meals they could feast on. I always get reminded of what genuine appreciation means through them. It breaks my heart to see a few of them eat half of their food and leave the rest for their siblings at home. If only I could give more. But their smiles are all I need to get me going and strive even more to come back for another happy feast together in the next year.

During these past few days I have been pondering on the best gifts to give to people I love. Yes, my primary language of love is giving gifts. Don't be surprised. I love giving gifts. It makes me happy. But lately, I have kept myself away from the people I care for. I have been out of reach. So this morning, a close friend messaged me saying how much she missed the normal "me". Another left me a whatsapp voicemail of her singing "I will be here". Messages like those warm my heart. Then I realized that the best gift I could share to my loved ones is myself, no less. All the love I could give in however way I can, be it through the voicemails I leave, messages of me checking on them or the corny jokes I would crack randomly. Ok, I miss my normal self now, I must admit. So tonight I prayed that I would never get tired of loving and caring for the people who matter to me as well as those in however way I can help. 

And with these, I shall live my purpose. :)


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