Happy Birthday, Love!

This year's birthday was extra special because:

1. It's my first birthday here in Toronto;

2. I am celebrating it with my family, my Mom is here;

3. I am 32! Ok, this one's not really something I was excited about, to be  honest. But I think I kinda moved on and I am embracing it now. Haha!

So I realized that as we grow older we opt for a more quiet celebration; a simple thanksgiving lunch or dinner over loud parties; a more meaningful reflection of the years that went by. Yes, when you feel this, it means you are aging! Haha. 

I hope to say I am aging gracefully and beautifully throughout the years. Cheers to more blessed years ahead! And thanks to everyone who went out of their way to make me feel their love! Mwah mwah, xoxo, tsup tsup! 

my sweet landlady gave this along with a hand-written card.

i miss my SFC SG family! and I love hand-written letters!

thanks my sweet Carrie for your thoughtfulness! and for everything!

my BFF Mel is the only one who can outdo me when it comes to surprises! thank you Loves!

my birthday cake with my name on it! my family's surprise. sweetness!

and the flowers from Heaven! long story! :)


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