Miss Spontaneity

I love the white surrounding I see.

A few days ago, I have witnessed the first blow of winter here. And man! Haha. I loved it. (or so just because it's my first time to experience it.)

One day when I was on leave from work I took the liberty to go out (on my skimpy shorts. haha!) and take my rusty baby out with me. I missed taking photos. And I haven't been out lately due to the weather here. I felt like a kid that I wanted to do a snow angel right then and there!

Now as I write this, it makes me miss doing crazy things spontaneously! Like those spur-of-the-moment kind. Oh when was the last time I did some random things or something for the first time? After all, my friends knew me to be Ms. Random question. (what's the connection here?)

So here are some of the things I wish to do anytime soon:

> Star gazing at Peggy's cove on a summer night. I like to lie down and just marvel at the sky and wander in my dream.
> Watch a live Raptor or Hockey game
> I miss playing basketball
> I think I want to do kick-boxing soon
> Do a snow angel like a child
> Go for skating 
> Travel alone (again)
> Catch a falling star
> Enroll in a cooking class
> Gain a friend from a complete stranger
> Save the World! (Imma super woman)
> Go back to Law School (maybe in a year or two)

And the list goes on and on.

I will definitely do one of the above soon.


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