the Gift of Christian Family

It's Sunday, Family day!

Today, I heard a beautiful homily about the Christian Family and I felt the need to share my reflection here.

I grew up in a Christian Family. We're raised by a single mom. Although ours is imperfect, I am grateful that she raised us with values that we'd surely bring to our own home someday. 

As per the priest's homily, below are the points I have gathered:

1. Christian Dating/Courtship -  As in the start of any romantic relationship that you pray will lead to marriage down the road, it is important to be guided in choosing the right person, God's chosen one for you. I always believe in the quote that says "a woman's heart should be so hidden in Christ that a man would have to seek Him first to find her." And the same goes for the man. Wouldn't you feel happy to know that you are someone's answered prayer?  Two people should seek for guidance in discerning for their lifetime mission partner. After all, a lasting relationship needs a strong foundation. One should find someone who has God's own heart, someone who will not only let him/her love and embrace himself/herself fully but also bring him/her closer to God. 

2. Chastity - This virtue is somewhat forgotten these days. Most of us are guilty somehow. We live in the modern times when everyone seems to take things casually, people are more empowered to do whatever they want and what works for them and a person's worth is not regarded as it should be. The priest highlighted about sex as a gift to be looked forward to within the context of marriage. The right man/woman who truly loves you will love and value you more than his/her physical needs. True love waits.

3. The Value of Marriage - Marriage is a spiritual affair. As the priest said, couples nowadays are into living together outside of marriage and testing whether it would work out for them. As opposed to just walking out if things don't work out, marriage is an inviolable union grounded on two people's love and commitment with God's blessing to stick together through thick and thin, in sickness and in health for the rest of their lives. Marriage is a gift couples should seek and behold. I personally believe that marriage is a one-shot deal, once I give my "Yes" it will be forever.

4. Lifetime Partnership - Married couples see each other as lifetime mission partners. They Respect each other, Pray together and Work together to create a home centered on Christ. The priest emphasized the importance of praying together as a couple and journeying together throughout all challenges and circumstances.

5. Family - The family is the basic unit of a society. Parents have significant and extensive duties in raising children to be good people when they grow up. The values that parents teach their children are the same values that they will bring with them anywhere they go and in all their dealings outside home. Parents should value their children as gifts not as properties, guiding them in their decisions while allowing them to be the persons they choose to be. Children must at all times respect their parents and value their guidance over them. Furthermore, the priest added that one of the characteristics of a Christian family is how they take care of the elders as opposed to just sending them to a far-off nursing home.

All these are really helpful insights to hold onto in my journey towards discerning for my vocation. I fervently pray that if it is the road that God wills for me, I will be able to build a Christian family of my own in God's perfect time with God's chosen one for me. And I shall commit to it everyday thereafter.


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