10 Things I Learned from Going out after 4 years!

Yes, finally after 4 years, I went out of my shell. It was liberating.

I had a nice time going out there and just having a good conversation like how I'd be with my friends. I remember someone asked me not too long ago, "what's so difficult about it?" And maybe he's right. I just needed to loosen up and trust a little more. 

And just like what I prayed for, I learned a few things tonight:

  1. You get to know more about yourself as much as you do about the other person. I realized that as I meet more people, I get to reaffirm my values and firmly hold onto them as opposed to just giving in to impress. 
  2. Never be sorry for who you really are. That's you. You put yourself out there, presenting yourself to the other person as you are. Granting he does the same and you accept each other then that's a good start. But you never have to fit into the other person's mold. Don't sell yourself short. Respect for each other's differences is much needed in this regard.
  3. Not every person will think the same about you. Some may think you're different or you're only as good as your last words but remember, all they have are impressions of you until they meet you in person. You go out there and show people your heart and if he is keen enough he will see the kind of person that you are. I'd say, you must be lucky if you get a glimpse of my soul.  
  4. Remember: the person who endeavors to ask you out (of course, you trust your guts that his purpose was decent) decides to actually forego doing some other things and allot some of his precious time to get to know you. So at least he deserves a good amount of your time too. And don't forget to thank him for spending time with you.
  5. Choosing a suitable partner for oneself is everyone's birthright. The other person can be as picky as you are. So it's important that you know what you are looking for and you stick to it. 
  6. Try to wind up the meet-up in a sensitive way. Sincerity and kindness can go a long way that even if it wouldn't work with both of you, you will leave a good memory for the other person to remember. 
  7. Learn from the other person as much as you can. Always aim to have some lessons or new learnings to take away. After all, you meet people either to bless you or give you lessons to learn from.
  8. Not everyone has the same story. It may not work the same way as it did for your friend. Love may not happen on the first meeting or with the first person you meet.  At the very least you end up gaining a friend.
  9. Don't forget to have fun! While you focus on your ultimate goal on finding the right one through every meeting, you don't have to feel pressured by the thought of it. 
  10. You pray for it. I read that God's confirmation will surely come crystal clear that you will find things falling into the right places at the right time and you need not compromise the things that you are praying for. To this I believe.
And so for now, I'd keep dancing in the rain! :)


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