a Day full of Smiles

It was about dawn when suddenly I was half awaken by someone touching my face as if he was lovingly staring at me for the longest time while I peacefully lie next to him.... then... slowly.. I opened my eyes.. and it was my mom watching her big baby sleep.. oh mom! I could sleep all day in cloud 9. Haha. Sigh. 

So that was the start of my beautiful day. :) 

I don't know but today's word is "Smile".

I believe a smile can always take you a long way. And because a few people said that my most effective spell (weapon? haha!) is my smile so I make use of it and flash my sweetest smile as often as I could coz who knows, I can charm someone out there. Haha. O.k. enough on self promotion here. 

Anyway, there is something with today that made me say it is indeed a "smile" day for me.

I noticed a few beautiful smiles that warmed up my cold day. Woot! If everyday is going to be like today, I don't mind being summoned to work and in fact I'd be wearing my curved lips all the time like I am walking on sunshine in a garden full of pink, red, peach and white Juliet roses, Ranunculus and Tulips. 

So yeah, make sure to flash your most charming smile and win a friend at least. That's going to be my goal these days. But please don't overdo it else the other person might think you're a psycho or what. Haha.

And that's my story for today.

Lol. Ok. My hair needed some final touches here.

Good night. Laters baby. Xoxo.


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