Love Talk at Distillery District

Woohoo! For the first time in 9 months, I had the chance to chill (well, it can be taken literally coz it really is cold outside!) and enjoy the sights, tastes and sounds of downtown Toronto on a Saturday night.

Our first stop was at Distillery district. The place is quite memorable to me coz the first time I went there was the day I had bonded with a friend who visited me from Halifax and we're like the loudest that night. Haha. Anyway, I remember that night felt so romantic and nice. Families and couples went there for the Christmas night market. I felt the love in the air.

And tonight was no exception. It is still the same topic of our conversations. Only with another friend this time. Love. Haha. Or I guess it's just me. I bring it with me wherever I go whomever I am with. I just love to talk about "IT".

I love the SOMA Chocolatemaker place! It was just nice and cozy to stay for a hot chocolate or coffee. I had the the Classic Dark-side of me mug which was really like the kind you'd love to wake up drinking in the morning. Catchy label huh? :D 

The place offered a variety of delicious chocolate gourmet and truffles too. To Chocolate lovers, this place will be like heaven for you! :)

Then we went to listen to Jazz music at The Rex Hotel, Jazz and Blue bar at Queen street West. The place was jam-packed with yuppies to middle-aged crowd. They play cool music and serve good food too. Overall, i'd say the experience was just O.K. I realized that I still prefer the quiet places like coffee shops or just me preparing a home-cooked meal for dinner or enjoying a popcorn while watching a movie at home with someone special. Or maybe I just love quality time alone. Depends really who I am with, I think.

Anyway, tonight being the self-proclaimed hopeful romantic that I am (I can't believe I am saying it here out loud! insert face-palm here), I have allowed my train of thoughts to wander and challenged my brain to articulate something I would like to say about Love:

So cheers to all those hopefuls and faithfuls out there! Here's to finding that One True Love! :)


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