Handwritten Love Notes

So.. I received a bunch of cards with special greetings of Love from special people from Singapore and Australia. Just so sweet of them. Thanks to Anne and Mark, Hannah, Ate Dred, Glenna and Glaiza. Xoxo! Also, my old team, the kids who I used to manage back in Singapore sent a card to me with their simple messages. And the surprise came especially from my SVP and VP who I know wouldn't really usually write down a greeting or so. Well, ok 1 sentence, still I do appreciate it. I felt happy coz I thought I must have done something good to them for them to make such an effort. I will never forget their Birthday gift to me in 2013, that was, to watch the movie "Frozen" after work with complete attendance. Imagine their manager acting like a kid! haha! But that was really sweet! 

I Love handwritten letters. I guess the sweetest surprise by far that I received in my life would still be the card with letter of each word carefully cut out from a magazine. I just loved the thought that someone would really spend his time doing that for me. Not to forget the love that went (past tense) well with every word in there. Yeah, you can say I am a fan of love notes coz I love to write myself. Writing like Photography freezes the emotions in a moment. So, I guess, somehow I like to preserve good memories.


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