My "Fearless" Heart

I think I have all the right to own this adjective. 

After all these years and all that I've been through, I believe my heart is the strongest of all my body parts! People close to me can attest to that. :)

I had a convo with a friend the other day and I suddenly found myself sharing about that "colorful" part of my life. And as I mentioned a prelude to that particular experience which she found sad by the way, I noticed I recollected it with a light and happy heart now. Of the many episodes in my life, that one got the biggest impact in my person, the second one would have to be my epic heartbreak some years ago. Haha! I call it epic because really it was my defining moment. I would not have gone through it all in any other way but His way. I had to be broken only to learn to love myself more, to grow more beautifully as a person. And that's always been the case for me every after life's blow. I emerge to be the better version of myself everytime. My heart only gets more fearless and fiercer. I guess that's what I learned from all of those years: I have learned to see the beauty in every storm. :)

And after all, surprisingly, I have become more loving. Today, a friend said I am the most romantic woman she's ever met. Haha! I didn't expect that one. But that was the sweetest compliment I got in days. So I said thanks to her and added that it would have sounded better if the compliment came from a guy. She differed. She said she prefers to receive one from her girlfriends as it would sound sincere and honest, with no bias. I heard her there! Couldn't agree more. Ok, this is taking a feminist view now. Haha!

Going back, that's just the way to go, always standing up after a fall. And this year I think won't be different from all the years that went by, except that I will be bolder, more passionate and fearless. And so I pray...

Sidenote: Speaking of being Brave, my heart grieves with the world over those who were killed in the Paris attack yesterday. I could only pray that justice be served and that freedom of speech may never be silenced by terror. God bless you brave souls! 


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