The Praying Women (waiting on God)

Been looking forward to meeting this sister who has become my first friend here in SFC (Singles For Christ) Toronto. I can tell from the first time we met, she will be one of the rainbows in my (Northern American) sky. 

Tonight has been such an honor and blessing to celebrate with Vanessa our individual versions of God's story of Love. And perhaps, our sharing was what I needed to inspire me to actually start putting my journal here.

I have been slowly filling up my journal with entries from my own personal journey. This journal will be called "the Journey of a Single Person". I proclaim that I will complete this journal this year. Amen! :)

I wish to share a few of the wonderful messages affirmed tonight:

  • God uses even the deepest hurts and pains to bring out a beautiful story of Resiliency, Grace and Love;
  • Every person we meet and every circumstance we go through in life is necessary so that we may become the best person God intended us to be;
  • That God's Plan is far GREATER than our grandest dreams and His Saving Grace is ALWAYS more than enough to carry us through our suffering and pain, however seemingly difficult or painful it may be;
  • Trust in God's Perfect Plan and Timing. He always has your Best interest in mind. If things don't happen in the way you prayed for, He is just protecting you from less than His Best.
  • Never be afraid to go out there and face your fears. You need it in order to grow. 
  • Enjoy your freedom. Pursue what you love doing. Travel. Challenge yourself to do something for the first time or something that scares you. Celebrate single-blessedness. 
  • Meet as many people as you can. Either you have something that they need or they got something that you need. Always aim to learn or impart something.
  • As equally important as praying for the right one is preparing yourself to be that suitable partner for God's chosen one for you. Someone out there is also praying for someone like you. And perhaps the sweetest thing would be to know that you are an answer to someone else's prayer.
  • Spend time discovering, rediscovering and loving yourself. Embrace the person that you are. You are God's princess and He intends for someone to love, respect and behold the kind of woman that He's made in you.
  • 3 best things to do during the season of waiting: 1. Be generous to your family; 2. Give your best years in serving God; 3. Love - Love Yourself, Love Others, Love God;
  • God's Answer will come crystal clear, no ambiguity, no doubt. You will know in your heart.
  • Believe and Declare that God's Best will come! Be Faithful. Be Patient.
  • Waiting on God's Perfect Time is the Best decision one could ever make. 

I know someday, I will revisit this particular blog and I will reaffirm each item here.

Until that day, I keep holding on to God's Promise...


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