Be Still (what I gave up for LENT)

Hi There!

I know I have been quiet for almost 2 weeks now. Thankfully, today I am back on my feet. Bade goodbye to Flu!!! Woohoo! Just in time for my IELTS tomorrow. Whew!

I am just happy to write about the recent answered prayers of the people close to my heart. Praying with them is like my little contribution although primarily, it's the GUY up there who's doing all the works anyway. I am just amazed at how powerful communal prayer is - or just prayer by itself. I have witnessed and heard of miracles happening every day. Prayers indeed can move a mountain!

I personally believe in the powerful combination of Prayer and Fasting. Fasting adds intensity and depth to the prayer you have in your heart. I remember a friend asked me about an abstinence I have that I told him about, and he said that he does not understand the relations between one's faith and what that person does or does not do. And I, someone of no authority whatsoever, couldn't put into words what Fasting is all about. But somehow I know that it is my little way of sharing in the cross of our Savior. 

On Feb 18, Ash Wednesday, I was confronted with an important question, "what would you give up for Lent?" Facebook? I've done that for years. Food? It works to my advantage because I am on a diet anyway. So I thought really hard. And I sat inside the church quietly, looking at the Cross, asking myself. Silence reigned in those moments. Then I heard one thing - my heart beat. I knew then what I had to give up. That day, I gave up my Heart to Him and all that's inside it. All of it. Totally. I had to surrender that one thing which I so fervently pray for. I said, I will instead spend the next 40 days with Him. Yes, I will stop "doing" something for "that thing I wish", except but to pray about it.

Knowing myself, I am someone who does everything within my power to make things happen the way I want them to. But this time, I let Him take control over my heart and all that it desires. And so I pray that I will make it through and in the end, I shall have fallen in love with Him deeper and believed all the more in the power of Fasting and Prayer.

P.S. I shall speak to you again on Easter. :)


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