Love, Rosie (on Friendship, Love & Destiny)

So, I had ditched my treadmill and IELTS review book tonight for some quality movie time with my baby, my niece. I missed the times when we just do a movie marathon every night or me discussing with her about her innocent questions on either Love or Faith. Oh, I love being a Tita to this kid.

And the movie we chose was of course, about Love, what else could it be? Haha! It's entitled "Love, Rosie".

The story revolves around Friendship, Love and Destiny.

I love how the movie highlights on these 3 powerful ingredients that make up a Beautiful Love Story. 


Alex (Sam Claflin) and Rosie (Lily Collins) have been best of friends since they were kids. They grew up and dreamt together. They knew each other's flaws. All of them. They were supposed to go to Boston together for college. But Rosie got accidentally pregnant by another guy during their high school prom. So she dealt with her parenting on her own while Alex pursued his dreams and lived together with model girlfriends, one after another. Alex helped her through her ordeal by keeping in touch with her. He kept her going. Rosie on the other hand, embraces Alex's person including his weird dreams which his girlfriends find annoying. They were there for each other through almost every episode of life, through every mess each one made. But was it just friendship that got them stuck to each other all those years? Or was there something more to it?


So what seemed to be a best friend's care and concern turned out to be something rather deeper that's been suppressed all along. Somehow somewhere underneath those layers of hidden emotions lies a Great Love awaiting to be freed, to be professed! Alex and Rosie love each other dearly and this manifested in the way they affect each other and by how much they wanted to be together, silently though. They both knew they are each other's missing piece.


As in all love stories, Destiny or Timing is a very important player in making the whole plot of the story come to be. With Alex and Rosie making mistakes in their own separate lives, they just could not seem to find one good shot at love. When Alex broke up with his girlfriend whom he thought he was having a baby with, Rosie got married to the father of her child. And when Rosie divorced her husband after knowing of his infidelity, Alex got married to his first girlfriend. It's just one crazy story of wrong timing and mistakes here and there. They both sought the love they longed from each other in another person and ended up still incomplete. Messed up. But Rosie finally decided to tell Alex what she feels for him on the night of his wedding as she was giving her Best Woman's speech. She openly told everyone in the audience and I quote, "No matter where you are or what you are doing or who you are with - it doesn't matter; it doesn't change it, i always have and always will, honestly, truly, completely love you". And after hearing this, Alex certainly knew what he ought to do. So the story ends with two people finally taking their hold at One True Love.

With all these, I believe that the best relationship springs from True Friendship that deepens into a Great Love that transcends Distance and Time. Whatever is MEANT to be will ALWAYS find a way. Destiny provided for avenues for Love to Happen and a Mutual Decision directed the ending of this story.

Disclaimer: I personally would have written that they each didn't end up marrying another person though if I were the author. But I respect the writer's plot of the story.


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