I am Single and I am Fine. Thank you!

LOL. There goes my default answer.  Catch my drift? >.<

Funny but I guess most single ladies (and gents too) in their 30's would somehow agree that the society has an issue with them (us) being unattached or unmarried. It seems that there is a mistaken notion that a beautiful life only starts when one gets hitched and it would be such a pity for those of us who still remain single. (Ahhhh....) And why is it so? We're at the prime of our life - career is at its peak; it is the most convenient time to go for our most ambitious pursuits or any major changes, however we want in our life - after all, we only have ourselves to think about. (For most of the time, that is.) It is the perfect time to be anything but desperate and lonely. (The last sentence reverberates in my ears. Haha!)

Ok, SINGLE people out there, back me up here. Don't you get a bit annoyed or uncomfortable sometimes when people make unnecessary remarks at you still being single at your sister's or brother's wedding? Or do you also get this comment, "Oh! you should not be so picky! Time is running fast!" Yeah like everyone is on a race? But I am not joining any. How about this - "why are you still single after all these years?" Why not? Is that a global problem? 

So here are some of the funny personal encounters I had:

Landlady to me - - -

Landlady: Are you dating anyone?
Me: No. Not at the moment.
Landlady: If only my son was older than you, I would love for him to marry you.
Me: [Shocked] Where did that come from?

Geez. Awkward but that was sweet of her!

My colleague messaged me - - -
Male colleague: Soon the lucky guy will find you.
Me: Oh, thank you. :)
Male colleague: If only I got friends who are single. Would be nice to have friends meet and end up with each other.
Me: LOL. Thanks for that. Don't worry. He will come. 
Male colleague: Yes, like your blog site. Love takes time. 
Me: Indeed! Hahaha!

....and this one is the epic among all - - -

Mom: You know, earlier at the mall, there was this good-looking guy. I wanted to really approach him to ask if he's single.
Me: [LOL] That would be unnecessary!
Mom: If I could only find a good man for you. 
Me: Mama, stop! [LOL] I am fine. It takes time. Let's just be patient.
Mom: In God's time, you two will meet.

--insert face-palm here--

Sigh. Pressure cooker level. Haha! To be honest, I do appreciate all of their efforts and wishes for me and I know they are in good faith with no intention to make me feel bad, whatsoever. And so "my status" becomes the subject of a friendly banter especially when a family member expresses this concern. BUT... But I find it funny because it seems to me that they see a "deficiency" in my life just when I am living it in the best possible way I could. I mean, I won't say I am not desiring for someone to spend my life with. That would be a lie. And it's not like I just sit around and wait all this time. I'd say it is more of a choice. It is a shared choice of me and my Guy up there. 

For me, "singleness" is not like a disease that gets cured by finding someone for an antidote. There is NOTHING wrong with being single. Perhaps, like some of the single people out there, I just happen to have high regards about finding and praying for a suitable partner in life. I cannot and will not allow myself to be persuaded or pressured by the demands of the people around me. Choosing one's lifetime partner, if one opts that path, is his birthright. 

Someday soon, I intend to build a successful, sustainable and lasting relationship. And to me, for this to happen, the way to even start one needs to be carefully thought of and prepared for. Besides, I also need time to prepare myself to be that suitable partner for someone. 

Yes, there are a number of avenues you can avail to meet people in the hope of being able to find that one person meant for you. But you also have to note that this is not like a game or a race with timetables. Thinking about timelines adds pressure and you could end up making the wrong choice.  Beautiful things take time to grow. Just like in the life cycle of a caterpillar, time is essential to its metamorphosis into a beautiful butterfly. A relationship for me needs to be cultivated in Love, no less. And Love takes time. 

More so, Marriage is something that I do not want to be just dragged into. Personally, I see it as something like a one-shot deal. It is a beautiful gift to behold. And I intend to be married only once in my life. Hence, I want to take my time to find my best self while finding the One. But of course, I understand that every other person has differing opinion on this. I respect that. 

Ultimately, if one chooses the path to Marriage, he should bear in mind that: there is NO "Perfect" mate. But I believe that there is that one person who will perfectly fit into your life, the one who will constantly choose to love you unconditionally and commit with you. Until then, one proactively searches, patiently waits and joyfully lives his sweet life. :D


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