Live Your Dreams, Take the Leap!

Since I am on bed rest tonight (sigh! I've been sick, on and off, for 3 weeks now), I'll take this time to write down some tips and my own personal story on my leaps of faith, that is, leaving home to live in 2 countries in 2 different continents in 6 years time. 

Fear less. Go, chase after your Dreams!

I remember the first time I considered moving to a foreign land, the thought of it was really scary, though the necessity and urgency outweighed my anxieties. People taking chances to work abroad are driven by all sorts of motivations and reasons like the ardent Desire for a Change in one's life, the persistent Call of an Ambition or as for most Filipinos like me, there is the compelling Need to support a family. Leaving the comfort of one's home is never easy. So the drive to leave home and take chances elsewhere has to be so strong to keep you focused and determined. 

I had never left home until I was 24 years old. While most of my college classmates moved to Metro Manila, the Philippine's employment hub, right after college, I decided to stay in my small hometown to work for one of the country's biggest banks. Never had I wished to work in big cities because I was so attached to my family, especially my mom. I was always scared to be on my own. The longest time I had been away was during my CPA board review which lasted for 6 months. Yet as circumstances pushed me to go beyond my comfort zone, I had to eventually leave home and look for bigger opportunities abroad. 

Never lose Faith. Persist in Trying and Praying. 

Perhaps, I had already submitted more than 100 applications online. For months, I spent hours in the internet shop browsing through job networks, banking on any chance I'd get to find a suitable job abroad. Sadly, I did not get any response. I was desperate then. I remember I even took the chance to go with a couple I barely personally knew to meet some american guy for a "potential interview" for a job in Afghanistan (correction on this). It turned out it was a sham. Thank God no white slavery happened. Haha. But imagine the risk I was willing to take for an opportunity I needed so badly that time. Yet, I never stopped trying. One day, I just received an email from a dear friend (special shout out to Maya! Thank you! You were my angel!) about an agency looking for applicants for a work in Singapore. The next thing I know, I was one of the first 5 applicants from the Philippines to undergo the screening and selection process. After our successful interview, they hired 17 others to join us to start a promising career with the world's pre-eminent fund administrator.  

When it's meant for you, everything will fall into place.

As with the blessing of the Singapore employment that came through an email, I never expected the next turn of events in my life. Though I had always imagined great things to happen possibly but truly I saw God's hands worked in everything. Things went by smoothly. From the interview to the medical examination to the completion of my requirements - they were all taken care of. I knew then that it was really meant for me. My mom always tells me: "You have to open your arms wide and embrace God's Blessing upon you! You got to own it!" That's what I did - I owned that Blessing. As if it was written: Singapore Job for Love - Delivered! It was all worth the failures and the long wait indeed!

Count Your Blessings: my Blessings Outnumbered my challenges!

I flew to Singapore in 2008. After that, blessings just came pouring in to me and my family. Singapore was like God's Promise Land to me. There was a purpose why He chose that place for me. I was meant to learn important lessons on independence, resiliency and most importantly, reliance on Him. I had a lot of challenges while I was starting out: adjustment with people I had to deal with everyday, keeping up with the expectations of the company and worse enemy of all migrant workers - homesickness. It can really be a pain. Good thing Singapore isn't too far so I can always book a flight to go home anytime. Still, after all the many difficulties I hurdled, I can say, I have reaped More and More Blessings. And yes, 8 countries (visited) and 5 years later, I was again purposely placed into yet another Greener Pasture as I am now in my 2nd mission place, my 2nd Promise Land - Canada! Woohoo! (I will blog about this in detail in the days to come.)

our first dinner in our flat (apartment) in Singapore. What a pity! Haha!
here with my Original housemates on our first day at work. :)

Ok, at least we look decent and fully nourished here. Haha! Taken during our 2013 year-end party.
In my most favorite tourist spot in Canada!!! :)

Blessed to Bless

With such opportunity accorded to me, I resolved to make the most out of it. As God has designed a beautiful package of great things for me, I felt I owed it to Him for me to use it in any way I could thrive. It is said that to whom much is given, much is expected. I saw myself as a mere steward of His blessings. As Neal A. Maxwell rightly put it and I quote:

“We should certainly count our blessings, but we should also make our blessings count.”

And so with all these, I say to you: Have Faith. Live Your Dreams. Fear less. Cross and Swim Oceans. Embrace Changes. Strive to Thrive. Be Blessed to Bless. Persist in Prayer!

I'd like to share with you one of my super favorite verses. This has kept my faith up all this time:

Jeremiah 29:11For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

May God bless your heart's desires!


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