Miss Adventure: Part 1 Things to do in Toronto during Winter

Yes! I'd like to call myself Miss Adventure! Haha! I do have a heart for adventures. And I always want to challenge myself by either doing something for the first time or doing one thing that scares me.

Since I have declared 2015 to be my year of pursuing more adventures and conquering my fears, I am going to start writing here all the activities that I will do in the name of adventure and fun (woohoo!), some of which may perhaps be items in my bucket list. Plus I am just lucky to have my circle of friends here, I call them the Kids, who are as adventurous and spontaneous as I am. 

For this first part, I have listed down some of the fun activities that you can do during the cold weather here in Toronto.

1. Skating - Coming from countries with 28 - 32c temperature all year round (except on a few months of monsoonal season), I was looking forward to doing some fun things in the snow. It would have been great to try snowboarding but this is also definitely one activity that I had on my list. I admit skating is not something that's easy for me but as my friends said I am not afraid of falling and getting hurt anyway. (I wish I could say the same in some other aspect of my life. Haha!) There are a number of skating rings here in T-dot and the one that we went to was at Markham Civic Center.

2. Fun Games at Dave and Buster's - When these kids told me that we're going to a huge arcade gaming center, I was ecstatic! I missed playing basketball on summer so this one would really be a good place to do some catching up with the ring. D&B is not only a hub of fun, it also has good food and drinks! You can bring your date here if you both are up for the play (the clean kind of play huh!) or you can bring your entire family. While your kids enjoy themselves with a number of games, you can spend some quality time with your spouse at the bar. This is a one-stop entertainment spot indeed! 

3. Escape Room Game - Ok, this one is another first for me. I had wanted to do this in Singapore but I just didn't have the time. So we went to [AT Escape]. You can actually gather max of 6 players and you get to choose the level of difficulty. I'd say for a start, you go for the easy one. There were only four of us that time and since it was our first time trying it out, we opted to go for the least difficult - the toy room. Haha! We had 45 minutes to solve, connect the clues and get ourselves out of the room. I enjoyed the thrill and the brainstorming. And Yes, we got ourselves unlocked in the last 30 seconds. Whew! It was really fun! You guys should try this!

4. Wall Climbing - This is one item crossed out in my bucket list. I would love to do hiking and mountain climbing. The real thing. So this should be a good prep for me. And True North Climbing would be the best place to go here. They got a big space and you can actually choose to climb up to different walls/boulders with varying heights, elevation and degree of difficulty. They do give training before you climb. I can say their facilities are safe and secured. And for someone who is not afraid of height like me, this is certainly a good challenge to hurdle. I have never done this before but I think I am going to be doing this quite often going forward. It is quite addictive for me. Haha!

So I quote:

"The very basic core of a man's living spirit is his passion for adventure." Christopher merchandises

Never be afraid to do something for the first time! :)

Till my next adventures, friends! Xoxo!


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