The 5 Important People you will meet in Life

Do you ever wonder how life would be without the warm embrace of your mother when you just came out into this world? How about a moment without the much needed pats on your shoulder by a friend when you felt so down? Or perhaps, what if no one has ever taught you the important lessons on Love?

Well, I can't. And I refuse to think about it. That's because I, for one, am blessed to be surrounded by people who each play a vital role in shaping my personality and disposition - the kind of life I now live.

In life, they say, we meet people for a reason. It is by no accident how people somehow find their way into our life. Each person is meant to either teach or bless you.

So here are the 5 important people who make a great impact in one's life:

1. The Big Lover. Someone who loves you through everything. That person who knows all your flaws and still loves you dearly. To me, this person is my Mom. She is my no. 1 fan. She believes in me even when I lose faith in myself. The one who loves me unconditionally.

2. A Great Teacher or Life Changer. For some, this could be someone who inspired you to become a better person or helped you believe in yourself and what you have yet to become. Someone who held you up when you needed a pull. On the other hand, this could also be the person who has brought you unforgettable lessons which you would have never learned in any other way. The one who could have left a mark in your person and you were changed forever.

3. First Love. It's that someone who taught you your first lessons on love. Someone with whom you experienced love first hand. This to me is my Papa. I have come to know how to love because of the love I'd seen in him while he holds my tiny hand tightly as we take a stroll on the beach or whenever he lovingly looks after me as I play around. 

4. Best friends. They are the rainbows in your sky. The wingless angels. The ones who have the audacity to tell you what a fool you are yet they do not mind doing crazy things with you. They are your soul mates in a non-romantic level. Though often they can act as proxies and be your pseudo girlfriend/boyfriend while the real one is on her/his way or is incapable.

5. One True/Great Love. It's that one person you meet with whom your life is purposely intertwined. Someone you will love the most in your lifetime and with whom you will experience Love in the most selfless state. They say that when you meet this person, you will know in your heart the purpose of your existence. 

Be grateful if you have met all the 5 of them. Life surely has been or will be a crazy beautiful journey because of these people. :)


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