The Next Beautiful Thing that can happen to you

I saw a friend posted this quote on her IG page. And it hit me just when I was thinking of "something". 

A couple of days ago, I again found myself dumfounded, amazed at how in a world of 7  billion population, two people who are meant to be together find their way to each other. Well, thanks to the movie "Serendipity", for a moment there I was again in a state of confusion. Haha! The movie almost always leaves me with the same feeling every time I watch it. Confused. But Hopeful. While the movie highlighted on "Serendipity" or destiny with a sense of humor, in the end, the 2 main characters met again because both of them made the choice to look for each other. In other words, while life presents us with countless of chances, ultimately, it's our choices that determine our life's outcome. O.k. maybe, just maybe, my human mind dictates we need both the chances and that decision to make things happen. 

You see, I believe that a love story is like a beautiful tapestry with two souls represented by 2 threads whose lives are carefully and intricately interlaced so that however seemingly far apart they are from each other, all series of events are woven together on a loom to form one wonderful work of art - their life together. And the loom that holds the 2 threads together is that one Greater Force Up There.

I fervently believe that above and beyond Serendipity is God's provision. So whatever it is, pray over it. Ask for His Grace. Trust His leading. Be proactive. Take chances if you're prompted to. Brace yourself for the surprises ahead. "The next possible thing that can happen to you is the most loving thing that God can give to you!" 

"May He grant you your heart's desires and fulfill all your plans!" Psalm 20:4


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