We Run the World, Women!

Disclaimer: This blog may sound feminist but that's just because we are celebrating the gift of women to the world. Wooot! Yeah, baby! Don't get me wrong here, I honor men too. But they will have their time here in my blog. I wonder if we even have International Men's day? We should! :)

I find that the power of women has always been understated. Not just by the rest of the world, but by women ourselves. While it is known in the old days how women were stereotyped and regarded as the weaklings, the underdogs, the subs, I firmly believe that women have gone a long way to prove our worth and  our irrefutable importance in molding and shaping our society. Throughout the years, admirable women have emerged and stunned the world with their strength and remarkable contributions in a number of areas like sports, arts, politics, etc. I have a list of the women I look up to. And if I were given the chance, I would probably ask for a moment to have a conversation with these women:

  • Angelina Jolie - When I read this post again, I said, I missed one more persona I look up to. Definitely she deserves to be in this list. I could not think of any other Hollywood actress in my generation who is as admirable as her. Often, people wonder if a person can ever be fully successful, as in all aspects of her life. Well, I'd like to think Angelina is one amongst the few celebrities who wear hats of all kinds at the same time. No doubt she is one of the finest actresses in these times, a producer, a wife, a dedicated mother to her children and an inspiring humanitarian. A woman who is at the very best position to make a difference in the world. And indeed, she is one who lives pursuing this purpose. She is the kind of woman I would like to be. 

  • Maya Angelou - Honestly, I have not even had the chance to read any of her famous books yet (Best Seller: I know Why the Caged Birds Sing.) I have only come to know her through a video made by Oprah and since then I have been drawn to her biography. I found that it is true that some people are really gifted with the power of words. You see, with the world today, words can destroy and put someone to his demise. But there are those people whose purpose in this world is to bring Life to the words they speak or preach, to bring Life to people. And Maya Angelou is one of those Gifted People. She inspired me to use words to empower and inspire people. 

  • Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta - I have known her as the living saint during her lifetime. She to me was a living model of unconditional love then. For someone who has lived all her life devoting herself to charitable works and to bringing hope and love to people, especially the poor and the oppressed, she is worthy to be emulated and honored. If everyone could only have a loving and compassionate heart like her, I think that the world would be a better place. 

  • My Mom - Probably, she is the closest to me amongst all the strong women I admire. For people who knows what she has been through, I had no doubt they would all agree that she is a Woman of Faith and Fortitude. If I would be asked to describe what a strong person is, it would be probably easy to give the characteristics I see in her. She to me is a Woman's Strength personified. If I could only have half of her strength, I know I can get through anything. 
YOU sure are! :)
I would like to take this time too to honor every woman. I enjoin you all to embrace your person. Celebrate your purpose, that is, to teach the world about our great capacity to love, to hurdle challenges and to fight battles which they would not have known we have the strength to overcome. Women have always been strong. Strong enough to compliment a man's power to make the world a better place to live in, to make a remarkable impact in the lives of many.

To all women out there, I hope we all get reminded of how beautiful is each one of us. Right at the core of our souls lies an inner strength that needs to come out and never be left locked up. We should not deprive the world of that extraordinary beauty it needs to see in us. We are beautiful just the way we are! We run the world, Women! 


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