Xie Xie (Thank You) Singapura!

About exactly a year ago, with mixed feelings of sadness and joyful anticipation, I left my second home, Singapore to pursue another mission in Canada. (Woot! To meet my "Destiny"! Giggled.)
Imagine how much love i felt that night that it was almost hard for me to leave...

I remember the time when I first learned that I got the job, I can't contain the excitement to myself so I immediately told my friends about it for fear that I may not have enough time to spend with each one of them. Alas! My VISA processing took nearly 4 months to complete. So imagine how many farewell dinners and send-off parties have been prepared for me by people who have become a part of my beautiful journey in the land I will always call my second home. Without them, I know my life there won't be as enriching and memorable as it had been for me. 

So today, I wish to take time to thank Singapore and the people who came to join me in my adventure there. 

Singapura, I will always be grateful to you for you have opened a door of boundless opportunities for me and bridged me to amazing relationships. Through you, I was able to experience Hong Kong Disneyland with my family, visited 8 other nearby countries, experience what it felt like to live in a "first world country" (haha!) and had a lot of my other dreams come true!

Thanks to my colleagues who were with me from the time that we had to face the grueling and stressful process of making our way through the Philippine immigration to reach Changi airport to the challenges we had to hurdle with the adjustments that came with being overseas workers. These same people have become more than just colleagues to me throughout the years. They have become more like my 2nd family really. They are the ones who would bring me to the hospital whenever I decide to make a scene outside the office by fainting due to severe heart burn. Eeeps! (I remember that was a funny incident though.) Then through the years, our family has grown bigger with some of my friends getting married and having their kids in the last 5 years. Looking back, I am just so happy to witness the turn of events in our lives and now with most of us pursuing our respective goals. I am truly grateful for them.

in one of the many shower parties that happened haha

housemates  :)
i am happy to be their bridge of Love! woot!

my first team

the team i managed - i considered them my first babies

Thanks too to my Singles for Christ Family who had helped me in my wonderful FAITH journey. Through the community, I have grown to be stronger, more faithful and more mission-ready. :) It has afforded me not only the honor that comes with being called to serve but also knowing and working with talented and gifted people who inspired me to give my best all the time. I have also met people who will forever stay in my life, people who have etched an indelible mark in my heart. 

my BIG CFC SFC Family

First Household

Household with our new nanay
my CLOWNS mission team to South Korea
my FZ girls. love. love.

And lastly, thank you to my little Zamboanga Family who added color and zest in my life. You could only imagine how crazy we can get when we're together. Just how happy we were every time because we can speak in Chavacano (the local dialect of our hometown which sounds like a pidgin Spanish). Haha! It's always always been fun to be with them. 

So I say, XIE XIE, SINGAPURA! You have been a happy place to me for 5 years! I will see you again in February, 2016! Until then! 


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