10 INCREDIBLE Countries I Travelled to

Buenas Dias! 

For this post, I wish to share with you some of the adventures I had in 10 equally wonderful countries I have been to in the last 6 years. Each offered a unique experience to me. I had initially dreamed of visiting 2 countries per year since I reached 26. But, whatever, I am short by 2 in this equation. Nevertheless, I feel grateful that I now enjoy travelling because before I can only go as far as where my imagination would take me. :)

I think and I have already mentioned this before in my previous blog, that Travelling and Photography seem to have a really good chemistry. Actually, when I go to places, I make sure to get some good shots because to me, it's like immortalizing that moment  and bringing it with me wherever I go plus I get to share and showcase these wonderful sights to people as if they have been there themselves. It has become a purpose for me. 

Starting from my earliest adventures to the most recent one, here are some of my favorite snaps:

1. 2008 - 2014: Singapore - my home for 5 years. I consider it as a first world country in Asia. A perfect fusion of cultures. Home to Amazing structural designs, in fact, it has the World's Most Expensive Building which is the Marina Bay Sands. It has the best public transportation system of all the countries I have been to. It is the cleanest and safest city too.

2. 2008, 2010 & 2013: Thailand - It's one of the countries I visited a few times and do not mind going back to. If you want shopping, you go for Bangkok, they got really good deals there. If you prefer to enjoy the beach life, they have a number of beautiful Islands you can explore. There is just so many things you can go and do in Thailand. Here is one epic trip with my BFF to Phuket.

Phi Phi Island, Phuket

3. 2008: Malaysia - The closest neighboring country to Singapore, I considered this as my go-to place whenever I wish to do some food tripping, sights seeing or shopping. I visited Johor Bahru, Malacca, Kuala Lumpur and Genting Islands, each offering different adventures that you can try. Malaysia, Truly Asia, it is!

Once the World's Tallest Building, Petronas Tower

4. 2009: Indonesia - When I think of Indonesia, I think of beaches, resorts and other natural wonders this country is rich with. The nearest to my hometown, I never thought I had to go all the way from Singapore to be able to step on this place. It offers a wide array of activities and food choices that will surely meet your preference. I have been to Batam, Bintan and Jakarta. Read my friend's blog of our epic trip in Jakarta here.

Harris Resort, Batam

5. 2009: Hong Kong - One of my unforgettable trips because it's where I brought my family for our first out-of-the-Philippines tour. Hong Kong is one of the shopping capitals in Asia. When I hear of Hong Kong, I think of Disneyland. 

Blurry at night. Sorry for the poor quality.

6. 2009: Macau - Wow Macau! The little Vegas in Asia. I love that they got free shuttle buses everywhere. And of course, their Portuguese Tart! Yummy!

7. 2013: Korea - My Soul delighted in Seoul. Shopping, Fashion, Rich Cultural Heritage, Korean Barbecue and Kimchi - all these you will find in Seoul. At some point, I wondered how can a place like this exist? They got all the things you want to experience! I enjoyed everything about my trip especially the shopping and learning about their well-preserved history. And yes, not to forget the lovely cherry blossom!!!

8. 2013: Vietnam - The most hospitable hosts (aside from the Filipinos) I have ever met! I went to Hanoi for a mother's day treat. Well, not for me though. Haha. For my mom, of course. I remember the relaxing sight of Ha Long Bay and the mouth-watering Pho and freshly made spring rolls. 

Ha Long Bay

9. 2014: United Arab Emirates - The moment I set foot in Dubai, I suddenly felt like I was in a whole new world. (Princess Jasmine? Haha!) Sophisticated landscapes, Desert Safari and Awesome Adventures - I remember all these when I think of Dubai. Abu Dhabi is another city with fascinating structures. I was just happy I was able to have my layover there before I had to face the (eternal) cold. 

view of Burj Al Arab from Jumeirah at night

at Jumeirah Beach

Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi

10. 2012 & Current: Canada - my current home. It opened my eyes to a different perspective like venturing into the idea of swimming in a bigger ocean. Canada to me means boundless. Here is my blog on what I love about Canada. Luckily, I was able to visit 8 cities/provinces in Canada in 2014, namely, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec, Halifax, Lunenberg, Prince Edward Island, Vancouver and Toronto. I am loving everything here except the crazy weather!

at St Joseph Church in Montreal
Peggy's Cove, Halifax

I guess what I love about travelling is that you get to retain a piece of the places you visit with you. It's like experiencing the world one place at a time. And after each time, you know you become better, wiser. So I continue to wonder and wander.


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  1. Gorgeous photos! You are lucky you have been to these many countries! :D

    Good job and good night! :P

    1. Haha! Haven't had full sleep with this one! Thanks dee!

  2. Those are some great places, and your photos are amazing. I really like the way a location can attach itself to us through our experiences. Good luck in your future journeys!

    1. Thanks Chuck! Writing and Photography actually allow me to relive the memories!

  3. wow you are well traveled - I want to do the Far East more - so much more exotic than here..

    1. thanks David! it's lovely there, i personally loved the laid back life and the coastal area.

      thanks for visiting here. :)


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