10 Indications that you are from Generation Y

People born between roughly 1980 to 2000 are labelled as the Generation Y (or the most awesome generation to have walked the earth! Haha!) Of course, I can write all the good stuff here because I am one of the Millennials! Woot!

Now, tell me if you can identify yourself with the below:

1. You got the widest network of friends and acquaintances, which explains your 500+ friends on FB. Not to mention your connections on IG, Twitter, Path, Pinterest, Linkedin and dating sites (what?!). And so you resent everyone who does not accept your friend request. 

2. Always looking for adventure. Usually Nomadic and Dynamic. Splurges on travel for pleasure.

3. Never settles for an average paycheck or stagnant career growth. Hardest to retain among the workforce. Challenges the status quo. Questions the rules or authority. Often leaves the Gen Xs sour-graping because you leapfrog them or boss them around. 

3. Dawson's Creek, Smallville, Gossip Girl, High School Musical and American Idol were some of your favorite series or shows.

4. The most Narcissistic of all. Taking self-love to an extreme degree, as evidenced by the countless of Selfies taken. Selfies while pretending to be asleep, hospital selfies, shirtless selfies, duck face selfies, selfies on the gym, on the bathtub, ridiculous selfies every time and everywhere! Geez! (O.K. I am sometimes guilty of this. Eepps..)

5. Lives in a culture that loves brands, labels or titles. You speak Prada, Chanel or Gucci. What or who you wear speaks of your social status. You equate titles and material possessions with success. 

6. You belong to a greater portion of the current Single and Unmarried populations. And lamely blames career for it. (I Know, Right?)

7. Tech-savvy. Grew up with easy access to the most modern technology and innovations. Heavy reliance on the Internet for everything. 

8. The most opinionated of all. Never runs out of something to whine, rant or blog about. Likes to be heard online. Everyone can subscribe (or unsubscribe) to a live feed of all your dramas. And blogging has become your outlet when you can't get a real person to listen to you.

9. Masters multi-tasking. Able to blend life and work effectively. You chew stress like a gum. Acts as if everything is under control. You can easily get the job done while your co-workers are still studying the manual. 

10. You were one of those who enjoyed pathetic vampire love stories like the Twilight Saga or completed all the Harry Potter series or watched Titanic for at least, 3 times in your lifetime.

So are you now laughing about being a Gen Y baby? Aren't we just the coolest? Haha!

This post is not intended to spite the other generations. We love and respect you guys! Without you, we won't even be around. Now Gen Z learn from us! :)

Acknowledgment: Credits to the owner of the photos taken from Pinterest or Google.


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  1. LOL of course I can relate to all these! That "Facebook post" of the Avengers is pretty funny. You're right about our generation being more career and travel oriented, and also being more materialistic. We have a sense of entitlement, so we tend to not settle for less in career, experiences, and love life, hence the singleness (?). This is both a good and bad thing, I guess.

  2. Nice list! I'm part of Gen-OLD, but I can still relate to some of these. :)


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