10 Things you can do during your "ME" Time

"ME" Time is that little window of time when you withdraw yourself from the hustle and bustle of the world around you. It is when you are excused to take off the many hats you could be wearing. It is that moment when you can think of nothing else but yourself. I think this is a must-have for everyone. Everybody needs a breather. 

I have listed below 10 simple things that you can do:

1. Pamper or Treat yourself. Book a short trip. Marvel at places. Try out something new. Go for some adventures. Or you can go for a facial, massage or have your hair relaxed. It will surely recharge you.

2. Stroll at the Park or near the Beach. The relaxing view of Nature helps you gather yourself back together. Play some skipping stone - it can help you release all that tension. Or take pleasure looking at the lovely flowers in the park. 

This is the closest I can get to the beach - a lake. But I love to be in the beach!:)

3. Meditation. Find a good place where you can sit down and relax. Be aware of your breathing and the sound in your surrounding. Close your eyes if it helps you shut off any distraction. Breathe in more positivities, and breathe out all your stress and worries. 

Credits to the owner of this photo

4. Play your favorite Music. Plug in your earphones and set your playlist to your favorite genre of music. Maybe you can go for the mellow or slow ones like Bossa or Instrumental, whatever you prefer. Chill and sit back. Music has the power to soothe one's soul. You can either dance like nobody is watching or sing in the shower. I love doing both. 

5. Take a Selfie? Well, it should not be immediately associated with Narcissism if you only do it twice a day, max. (Self-love is good but not too much, ok? Haha!) But there is that sense of (fleeting) delight in taking your selfie and posting it in your IG account especially when you are able to capture your best angle and of course, if you get more than 10 likes. Haha. Whatever rocks your boat, friend!

Ok, not enjoying selfies here... Isn't it obvious? Haha. 

6. Retail Therapy. This is the most common (and could be the most expensive) form of relaxation. Some people do this to relieve themselves from stress. I would suggest you let yourself cool down a bit before hitting the mall. But you can also opt to just do window shopping instead and leave your credit card at home, see if that helps. :) 

Just for the pose. Didn't buy anything here. :)

7. Do some Random Act of Kindness. Giving or helping accords a sense of joy. You will surely feel good afterwards. It is the most worthwhile thing you can do.

8. Go for some Work out. I have read once that doing "physical activities reduces stress, depression and anxiety." Plus of course, you get to be fit and healthy. And yes, do not forget to do a check in on Facebook. Haha!

9. Watch a Movie or Read a good Book. Choose a movie that can give you a good laugh or a book that will inspire you. 

Still not over this book. :)

10. Simply Do Nothing. "Delicious Idleness" or the "Sweetness of Doing Nothing". Nothing beats the morning you wake up in your clean white sheet,  you forget about the time and you can't think of anything else other than just spending the rest of the day not doing anything. Ahhhh... That would be the life

There are so many other things that you can do during your time alone. Even little things can bring you so much joy. Do often what makes you happy. Because when you feel happy about yourself you feel happier carrying out your different roles in life and you take on a positive attitude in almost all circumstances.

So Do not forget to have your "ME" time. It is your Gift to yourself.

By the way, just do not forget to let someone know where you plan to go or what you plan to do because of course, you do not want your loved ones  to be worrying about you. I am not suggesting that you run away or something, ok? :)


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