I am my BROTHER's keeper

Look at how I held him here.. 

I must have blogged about everyone else.. except about my one and only Brother..

So today, I opted to write about the only man in my life (for now. haha)..

My Mama said that she and Papa must have prayed for like forever when one day, after 3 girls, their wish of having a boy in the family was finally granted. She added that they asked for him from Sto. Niño (Baby Jesus), hence they called him "Niño".

Growing up with him was full of crazy petty fights. I remember we would end up biting each other, sometimes leaving me with bite marks. But we'd always say sorry to each other afterwards. Well.. my mom would force us to reconcile. Haha. I feel sorry for him because he didn't have as much time as I had with my father. My Papa died when he was only 2 years old. So he grew up bereft of a strong father image, someone who could have taught him things only a man could. 

Being the youngest in the family, I could say, he was given everything he needed. Perhaps, we babied and sheltered him so much that he's never gotten used to handling difficult situations on his own. My mom would run to his aid every time.  When Mama was so ill, she had only one wish. She made me promise that I look after him, no matter what. Since then, I took it upon myself to take care of him, help him finish school and look after his needs. So pretty much I was like his second mother, though I am only 2 years older than him.

It was always the case that I am the one watching over him. And I was fine with that. Until one time, I had a conversation with a friend. He asked me if i was close to my brother. I didn't know what to say, honestly. I mean, yes, because I had to be there for him always. But at the same time, a part of me wishes that I could also confide with him about anything, like a best friend. Someone who can also listen to me. I am sure my little brother loves me. Maybe, just not in the way I expect him to. But it doesn't mean he doesn't care. I am not a perfect sister either. 

The one thing he did that I will never forget is when he and Mama visited me in Singapore for my birthday. He didn't have a job then and I didn't really expect anything from him. But he handed me his plain t-shirt saying sorry because that's all that he can give me for my birthday. Mama overheard our conversation and she asked why he was giving me the shirt she's given him. It was an act of love and it made me cry. I know he had nothing then, yet still he thought of giving me a gift. That was really sweet.

I miss those times, we'd watch our favorite cartoon series together. That to me was already enough for a quality bonding time. And oh, my brother may not have inherited my Papa's talent in singing but he is the better dancer in the family. I am just the good one. Haha. Funny because when I would dance at home, he gets annoyed at me. He thinks I dance like a str&p8%r. Huwaat?! Haha! 

I just wish we'd have more time to catch up especially now that we're miles apart. Maybe that's how it is when we grow older, the more we appreciate relationships and the people we love. 

And yes, perhaps this is one of my missions in life - to be my Brother's keeper. :)

Love you, Lel


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  1. Aww, sweet tribute. I also had petty fights with my own brother, but I was the one who left him with bite marks LOL.

    1. Thanks dee! I guess our little brothers are like that, they're meant to make our life a bit annoying in the early years then we feel grateful and more loving in the later ones. I guess i just miss him. Haha!

  2. What an endearing post. I come from a large family so have many fond (and not so fond LOL) memories of my siblings. We'd, laugh, we'd fight, but when the chips were down we relied on each other. Even now our bond is very close. Some of us have moved on to different states but we can all come together when needed. When my father was in hospice, we all got together, knowing the time was close. I don't know how I would have dealt with the passing of my father if not for everyone else in my family. I suppose we are each others keeper. Thanks for sharing your touching thoughts. Keep up the good work.

    1. Haha. Yeah, I guess that's the beauty of brotherhood, you look after each others' back. Thanks for sharing a bit of you here. I am pretty sure you have a lovely family. Good luck too on the challenge!


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