My Top 7 X-citing Travel Destinations

Travelling is like feeding my soul. By going to places, I am allowing my spirit to wander freely, soar high up in the sky and savor every bit of positivity that comes with each adventure. 

I have always fancied going to places that will take my breath away.

My Top 7 places are:

  1. Amanpulo Island, Philippines - Hollywood stars like Brangelina and other world famous personalities have set foot on this breathtaking haven. I, too would certainly love to be a tourist in one of the most beautiful and luxurious islands in my home country. Accommodations are expensive with room rates starting at 1,000 USD per night. But with a heaven-like experience in this place, I would certainly save up for it. 

   2. Canadian Luxury Rail - Rocky Mountaineer - awarded for its world-class services, offering its passengers an experience of a lifetime. When traveling via Rocky Mountaineer, they say that you are guaranteed to enjoy the journey as much as the destinations. There are 3 Routes or Packages that you can enjoy: The Canadian Rockies, Rail and Alaska Cruise and Whistler. Although the packages can be pricey, you surely can say that the experience is worth every penny. 

   3. New York City - Concrete jungle, the big Apple, Independence Day movie or any disaster hollywood film for that matter - these are just a few of the things that cross my mind when I think of NY. I've been told that the city is not that grand or touristy, yet still, I wish to take a photo with the Statue of Liberty, do a high fashion shoot at Time Square and experience for myself the inexplicable feeling of having to stand in Ground Zero. I can't wait to see you NY in July!

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     4. Paris, France - Whenever I think of Paris, I imagine a couple doing a Kiss shot with the Eiffel Tower on the background. Paris is Love! I mean, who is not captivated by the charm of this romantic city? It is in fact, labelled as one of the most popular honeymoon destinations in the world. 

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Check the Top Things to do in Paris by Lonely Planet

    5. Santorini, Greece - I swear if I could only bask in the enticing clear waters of Santorini for even just 1 week, I may even think of ditching the Canadian winter for good. Its exquisite beauty has always been the subject of my wanderlust. 

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    6.   London, England - Perhaps, the fairy tales that I used to read when I was a child made me wish to visit real life palaces when I grow up. So I guess, it's never too late to make those dreams come true. And London is definitely the  place I have in mind. Remembering Princess Diana's and Kate's weddings arouse my excitement all the more. Plus, I find their English accent cute. Not sure if this is reason enough to splurge on travelling to London. Haha!

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   7.  Rome, Italy - I have always romanticized Rome, getting lost in the fascinating and majestic city. I can already imagine the things I'd do when in Rome, like visiting St. Peter's Basilica in Vatican, walking through the ruins of the The Colosseum and enjoying a gondola ride in Venice. And, of course, I would not miss feasting on authentic italian pasta and pizza! Lots of them! It is  indeed a city you should visit in your lifetime. 

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Do you also fancy going to some marvelous places like the ones in my list? 


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  1. tyneeee i am so enjoying reading your blog!! :) mejo petiks sa office, nabasa ko ata lahat ng A-Z challenge posts mo hahaha

    1. Oh wow Nay! Hahaha! Buti naman at naentertain ka! Nyehehe! Napansin mo ba ang consistency sa halos lahat ng blogs ko? That is, hope(ful) romantic ako! Yay!

  2. I also want to go all these, especially Paris, London, and New York. Sigh, I hope someday!

    1. You are going to Europe diba in August? Kaya lapit na yan Dee!!!

  3. I always enjoy reading lists like this because everyone is a little different in what appeals to them.

    I like New York - especially Time Square and Central Park areas. I think that is because I like people-watching. :) Paris is one of my favorite places! The history and art are everywhere.

    Amanpulo Island certainly sounds nice, but I don't like over priced, exclusive places. I'm perfectly content to go diving in Cebu or Bohol. (And if I listed my top 10 favorite places on the planet, Tagaytay would make the list hands down.) :)

    The Canadian Rail you mention definitely catches my eye. That sounds great. As does Greece - even though I haven't given much thought to Greece as a destination before. And while I would love the history of Rome, my dream city in Italy is Venice.

    Great choice for the X post!


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