Oh My G - my 5 types of GIRLFRIENDS

Today was not too bad. Actually, it went better than I expected. I did have my rainbows in what I thought would be a dull sky.

Thanks to my girlfriends who constantly remind me of the bright side of things. Oh, what would life (in the aftermath) be without them? I can't imagine.

In the last 3 decades of my life, I have shared this journey with a number of girlfriends I consider as my wingless angels. 

Here are the 5 types of girls I got:

1. The Retards. Those you can get completely insane with. The girls with whom you don't mind doing some random, out-of-the-blue, stupid, crazy, funny things in the middle of the night. You don't mind acting like fools together. Or jumping out of a plane with. Your travel buddy. Spontaneity is your favorite game. You girls are just unstoppable together.

Oh I love these girls! We can do this all night. Haha!

2. The Savior. Someone who brings her small luggage (plus a bucket of beer) for a week-long excursion to your place just to make sure you are not gonna take your own life while painstakingly mending a broken heart. Then she lends you all her ears, listening to all your pathetic weeping spells all day and night. Or before that, they're your girlfriends who bring you home because you are already suffering from a mini heart attack after confirming about your ex's  infidelity publicized over the social media. Also, they are those who rush you to the hospital like when you made a scene by fainting outside your office building. These girls will be there to hold you back when you are about to jump off the cliff.

3. The PUSH-er or LIFT-er. They are the extension of your hands when you can't seem to reach for your stars. The one who constantly pushes you to go for your dreams even if they seem far-fetched or too ambitious. They are your friends who give you daily dose of positive vibes, sometimes with a pinch of good-natured humor and you don't mind them bullying you to some extent. Or the one who goes to a retail therapy with you to get over a bad day. Also, she is the one who pushes you to continue on your online dating "feat" when you feel like you've given up what little hope or courage you got. They make you look forward to the beautiful days ahead. The ones who say, "Everything will be fine" and you honestly believe in what they say just because it's coming from them. Or she could be that friend who prays with you through Everything. #tayotayonalangmuna

4. The Slap-per. I invented this word just now. I meant someone who slaps you with all her might, you'd feel your eyes, nose and lips must have been dislocated. Exag intended. Be careful not to remove the "-", else you're going to be in big trouble with your girlfriend. Google it. You are not scared to bare it all to them. No-holds-barred. And they give you the bluntest comments or even unsolicited advices that you sometimes think in hindsight, you could have been better off not telling them at all. Dry sarcasm at its best. Haha. But you know they are all done in good faith, that is, to pull you back to the ground and knock your head so hard to shake off all your illusions or wake you up before you reach the stage of dementia. Don't you realize they just know you too well?! Or, they just love you too much to leave you to drown in your self-inflicted misery.

5. The Co-Illusionist. (Or kaparehong Ilusyonada in Filipino. #damaydamaynato) Again, I make use of this term with my own definition as pertaining to a person who builds her life on illusions of things that may or may not happen, putting more weight on the latter, applying the concept of conservatism, a.k.a. worst case scenario, whereby such assumption is predicated by a series of prior events called heartbreaks or mis-encounters that are likely to be (ignored) signs leading to becoming an old maid. (Not sure if that made sense there. But I know you kinda get it.) So some of those friends I mentioned above on No. 4 could be the same people who are going to drown with you. Haha. They are the ones who have been to where you are now or are just a few lapses ahead of you. Good thing is you cry together and be each other's comfort, like having your favorite Chubby Hubby ice cream. And you constantly remind each other to "still believe" amidst all the mishaps and what have you to cry over. 

And no matter what life throws at me, I can be sure that they got my back. I will always have someone to carry me through. And I will do the same for them. Cheers to sisterhood and beyond! :)

I love you, my Girlfriends!

Acknowledgement: Credits to the owners of the photos and videos used in this blog post. Thank you.


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Today's feature is G for GIRLFRIENDS.



  1. Magaling-galing! What a nice tribute to friendship. We all need people in our lives like this, and you seem to be blessed with a great variety of friends. It certainly makes the fun times better and the bad time bearable, huh?

    1. Haha! Nice Filipino word there Chuck! Thanks! Yes, indeed! They're like the much needed ice on a soda during one summer day.

  2. Nice entry! We are indeed lucky to have these types of girlfriends in our lives, I also can't imagine my life without them. Thanks for including my pics here haha!


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