ONE Hundred Word Letter/Story


I got the inspiration for this post from Dee's blog on ONE Hundred Word Story. Well, mine is the ONE Hundred Word Letter instead. (Yes, I tend to do things my way. Eeepppss...)

Enjoy guessing who is this for. Haha!

They say you are coming soon. I grow more eager and ecstatic everyday, inching towards finally meeting you. I gaze upon the night sky, wishing you were somewhere out there slowly making your way into my life. Bet you are as excited as I am. Surely you will etch a beautiful mark in my person and everyday will just not be the same. The Winter days could have been much colder but the thought of you kept me warm. You are the life that Spring ushers. Oh Summer, I cannot wait to embrace you! I will see you really soon!


O.K. this one is my real entry for this challenge:

The alarm rang. Shoot!

Had a quick shower. I put on my favorite red lippy. That’s it.

The sun beams its brightest smile. Lovely weather today!

The bus arrived just in time.  Whew!

Right at the next stop, I noticed a cute guy coming in. He’s got the most adorable dimples I’ve ever seen. His smile outshines the sun.

He sat beside me. I giggled.

He kept smiling. I wondered why.

Then he blurted out, “I think you forgot to take off your curlers.”

Darn! I blushed.

“I am John by the way”.

Now this one is a good start. 


This post is part of the A to Z April Challenge
a blog hop that goes through the alphabet
for all the days of April except Sundays.
Today's feature is O for ONE.



  1. Hahaha I love both! Loved that they both had funny twists. :)


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