The Beauty of the CROSS

I took this photo on my N7210 some 10 years ago, on a Maundy Thursday.

Sharing with you my personal reflection in light of Lent...

What is a Cross?

For me, the Cross is the most significant symbol or representation of God's love, His gift of His only Son to mankind. 

I think that I can never fully fathom God's plan of Salvation. Imagine, He sent His Son to be born of human flesh whose primordial purpose is to live to die for our sins. Who would want to live to die? O.K. Maybe no human would. And that's why it is a Divine act.

I remember the time when typhoon Yolanda, the strongest tropical cyclone ever recorded, hit the Philippines in November 2013 killing approximately 6,000 people and leaving thousands of families homeless. I cannot explain the grief that I felt seeing the devastation it brought to those who were badly hit. Though my family was spared from the catastrophe, watching the news on the heart-breaking condition of the ones who survived and what's left of the ruins, made me cry one morning to God. I have never felt such a heavy emotion over something that I am not personally directly affected. I asked Him, "Why God? Where were you when all that happened?" And almost immediately I got a resounding answer, "Because I am God." Thereafter, I found myself on my knees. Sobbing in utter surrender. Perhaps, I can never understand why things had to happen the way they did unless I can actually see the whole picture from the viewpoint of the one who is holding all the pieces together.

On a human level, a cross to me is a condition or predicament whereby a person experiences pain, suffering or any struggle that he cannot seemingly get himself out of. A burden that one had to bear. 

I see Crosses in various forms. And their weight varies too depending on how the person carrying receives it.

I believe that we all carry our own cross at some point in our life. And maybe for the ones who survived typhoon Yolanda, their cross was the death of their loved ones or the constant struggle in rebuilding their lives from the ruins. They had to carry this cross all throughout their journey to recovery. I watched and followed through the news how these people rebuilt their lives over the last 2 years. And most of them have emerged as stronger spirits. 

Quite a few times in my life, I had personally experienced pains and sufferings too. I admit when I was right in the middle of what felt like my doom, I was losing sight of His light. I was devastated. Seemingly helpless, ruined and irreparable. I could only cry out for refuge, for God to take me out of the dark and help me with my cross. But what I have come to appreciate in all those times of ordeal is that I felt His hands guiding and carrying me through. So slowly, I was able to pick up myself and walk in Faith. He's never let go of my hands. He was constantly holding me up. I was never without His grace. In the aftermath, I have become resilient. My person was refined. Looking back now, I understand that I had to go through all those painful sharpening so that I may become the person that He wills me to be, His Masterpiece. So what I considered as my cross wasn't that bad after all. I know I am still a work in progress and God needs to do some more chiseling in me. 

And perhaps, it's even unfair to compare human struggles with Christ's suffering. Because He can never be outdone in His extraordinary sacrifice. No one can ever carry the cross like He did. 

But if we're to see our human suffering as our share in His cross, we could see it as a grace-filled moment when we can allow God's divine intervention and providence to carry us through and let Him have His way in our life. And the journey through it all gives us the chance to grow in grace. This to me is the beauty of the Cross. 

Watch this beautiful video from the Skit Guys >>> God's Chisel Remastered


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  1. We all have carried different crosses indeed. Have a blessed good Friday!

  2. Hello, Tyne! I really enjoyed reading your post today. I too am a follower of Christ. I praise Him for His amazing love and grace, no matter what tragedy may fall. Blessings to you!

  3. Hello there Luana. Praise God for all His works and wonders. Truly He alone can turn a tragedy into a blessing. God bless you too!

  4. Certainly at Easter I tend to focus on the cross as a prelude to the empty tomb. But I like the way you wrapped this back around to Jesus' words about "taking up our cross." Well said.


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